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September 10, 2011, news sites “KINBRICKS NOW” took up martial arts Chinese players a fixed landing in Japan.While the martial arts boom from Japan to gather popularity, a new movement martial arts gym in the private sector and put the power is spread in China.

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September 24, 2011, Standing Technical martial arts event “Krush12” will be held at the Tokyo Korakuen Hall.Chinese three players Liu Wei, Jean Poe, and Chen Min Min to participate in the tournament.For China Martial certain circumstances while showing an upsurge gradually, I talked to Iwakuma Hiroyuki representative of Chinese Fighting promotion in charge of Japanese side coordination of Chinese player.

This time, three players to participate in the “Krush12” is the main battlefield martial arts tournament in China “Legend of Heroes”.According to the Iwakuma representative, “The Legend of Heroes” by way of China Beijing Shenghua martial arts club was sponsored by start in 2006, Martial Arts events that China State Sports General Administration, China Wushu Association was first approved in Sanda other than in China.I’m mainly a Muay Thai rules and K-1 rules.

2-3 tournament has been held in the year, which was held in Nanchang City, Jiangxi to August 13 in recent years.In the same tournament, Muay Thai 8 gold medals Yosengurai Fair Tex players of Thailand also participated.Ended in a draw and Bataru Chinese players.

Rules differ for each organization you go with martial arts skills start to bite.Iwakuma representative is talking that it became the intermediary create a place where various players cross each other is content with a large influence even in the world of K-1.It is stage to adopt a K-1 rules still “Krush” is collision between Japan and China this time.I heard the attractions to Iwakuma representative.

Q: including The Legend of Heroes, a variety of professional martial arts box office seems to have come to be held in China, players aim to professional, young people or would have increased?

A: As response to the economic growth of the past few years, players aim the professional has been increased considerably.Players get a fight money of one million yen or more in the game once also come out.And there is also appeared on a television program or there is a fan site and becomes also a top player, through such means as described in, such as sports programs, has become a heartthrob of many young people.

Please tell me if there is something like a feature of Chinese players in general: Q.Looking back on China player was participating in a match in Japan so far, but there is an impression that the players or influence of Sanda, which is also throwing techniques, there is a power that there are many?

A: By using the same kind, and Asian, there is a similar impression with the Japanese, but Chinese players will have a kick and punch and heavy-boned as a whole.I myself feel close to the players of the continent, European rather than Chinese players and Asian.The difficult is KO quite hungry spirit is also, any strong players, so strong struck very much it would be characteristic.

Q: Among the new martial arts boom Do you think there is a change competitively backbone of Chinese players, and also training methods and technology system?Please let me know if you did so that there is a new trend if.

A: backbone of the players in the 1990s was Sanda basically, players are learning kickboxing, Muay Thai and boxing from the beginning is now more recently.Gym of the private sector has increased in addition to the martial arts school of the state specified.We are committed to environmental improvement taking advantage of the lightness of private unique footwork, and the like to invite the trainer of Muay Thai from Thailand home.

Also, because watching a game of martial arts around the world, such as QQ and online video the spread of the Internet as a major trend, information collection of new techniques and research of opponent has to speed up very.

Japan urges China and that is the burden of bias rivalry “versus Japan” and “versus overseas” is strong, Urabe player, that player Kajiwara including two top kick boxers of Japan just to “Krush”: Q.I think to become a tournament that can not be defeated, both for.Please tell me the point that separates winning and losing.

A: Chinese players will stick to very KO.Than fine tactics, because it is a fight style that comes verge of a rally or is tilted or defeat, it may also be a Japanese player dangerous Once addicted to the pace of the other party.It is a real intention to’s of wanting to win as well anyway because I am Japanese who have promoted the Chinese player, but I feel point of victory or defeat and might become the spiritual strength than technique.I think to be in the game and very funny ding-dong is deployed and in any.

Or more, I introduced the story of Iwakuma representative.Chinese players aiming for KO, power fighter with guts is Flush.The ambush the top fighters of Japan.Good game is going to be expected of the 24th in the “Krush12”.Also in the sense that the dawn of the medium martial arts showdown day to continue, feeling that the event with great significance in world martial arts in the future to.(Author: chinanews)

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