Unmanned city of surprise seems to be built in the United States

Urban planning of surprise is progressing in New Mexico in the United States.Wow, it’s called Let’s make one whole town unattended in laboratory.

That town every rental for businesses “I want to experiment in urban areas actually not only theoretical calculations and state-of-the-art technology, but accidents involving civilians to worry about” and, it’s big plans scale indescribably.

The project name is “The Center”.Rather than the government, private sector construction invest huge sums of $ 200 million (about 15.5 billion yen), and is operated for commercial purposes.About 20 square miles wide (about 52 square km), is the area corresponding to Adachi-ku, Tokyo This.

Plans such as residential business district, 35,000 people live in the highway is built.’s Fineness of setting also created buildings that mimics the old building, and to reproduce the building of the reality that there is variation in building age.

For an example, some or running test of the autopilot car without having to worry about the accident, or the amount of power supply experiment without getting complaints in the power failure, military companies and or the city exercises a large-scale Yeah.Further details of the construction site is undecided.

From Internet users, it is too “dead.Voice that should help to welfare, etc. lend to homeless “I wish do it in the ghost town of China, which became the” recent news “and such as” I think we end up “Hollywood is bought is up.

Among them, also writes that “I hark I want to launch a Surprise to friends! Can stay here and get up in the morning, and there is only one person to own the earth”.Rental of “The Center” is a unpublished, but will definitely be in high mischievous.

Ref: Dvice.com (English)