TEPCO away from major city hall and the Self-Defense Forces and the Imperial Palace (PPS introduction advance)

■ movement to switch specific scale electric utilities in (PPS) from the Tokyo Electric Power suppliers of power, seems to continue to be in the administrative organization of many.

To the effect of lowering the electric bill of Japan relatively expensive in the world, retail liberalization of power is introduced in 2000, switching to the PPS is progressing in some.The biggest advantage is that electricity prices will be cheaper.

From a friend living in Fuchu, I had to show a scrap of Yomiuri Shimbun Tama version of a little before.
According to it, in Tachikawa in Tokyo Western, it seems to have decided to Summit Energy in purchase selection of electricity Tachikawa Velodrome in the city, make the bid, including Tokyo Electric Power in 2010, was presented the lowest price available.

Effect appeared suddenly from the first year, electricity prices seems to have become significantly cheaper (about 46 million reduction), down 26.5% as compared with the case you have to continue to contract with TEPCO.From fiscal 2011, we expanded to 53 facilities the introduction of PPS, Tachikawa is so targeted as well as municipal elementary and junior high schools.

PPS is a new entrant operators to sell electricity which I made with the power plant of your own, can not be sold to the general home now, only for customers of 50 kilowatts or more, retail as permitted is.

No problem about the stable supply to use the transmission lines of the power company, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun, the introduction seems to go Self-Defense Forces facilities and the Imperial Palace, Yokohama, Chiba, Tachikawa, Machida, etc..

■ The issue of PPS, point usage fee of transmission lines is relatively expensive and is included.It is said that liberalization of the transmission line regional power company has a monopoly goes according, to become even cheaper.From this point of view, liberalization of power by the separation of power generation and transmission, have been proposed from experts.

For example, if a spin-off power transmission sector, for new entrants also power company existing Spending power grid under the same conditions, it means that competition is promoted.

Power generation and transmission are separated in the UK, it seems to become a mechanism to promote competition in the power generation market.Separation since 1990, new entrants is one after another, it seems to become more than 90 companies currently.

She has studied in Europe and the United States, sending electrical separation was aimed in the early 2000s in Japan, but the power industry is making full use of all kinds of political power, were scattered fleetingly.

By the way executives were golden parachute executives and adviser of power companies over the past 50 years from METI, seems to 68 people, according to an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.It is a pace of one or more per year.This too is the strength of the electric power company.

■ In addition, it is necessary to face the many power generation facilities only for the peak response for a period of time of midwinter and midsummer, it is said that it was contributing to the high-cost structure.

It is said use, if the amount of leveling and dissemination of (next-generation power meter), with fluctuating fee structure by time zone smart meter that can be aggregated in each time zone power usage, cost of power supply falls.

Smart meter is a device which is indispensable to the (smart grid) build smart grid to adjust the power demand, prompting the introduction of renewable energy, but the power company has resisted the introduction by taking out the various reasons.

It is thought to be based on information that has been grasped by meter, by preparing a variety of fee menu, companies of different industries come to enter the power business, and are wary.

■ I will be considered as a result of the power company has resistance to all kinds of reform as described above, the power of Japan to have remained high.The financial industry, such as insurance and securities, liberalization since competition is willing, trading commissions and stock premium has dropped markedly.

For consumers, who after liberalization has become a desirable situation significantly.Power industry Why should not proceed in the same direction as the financial industry of the past in the future.

It is also possible out unprecedented damage by clumsy risk management, while the direction in which the price increases to 10-15% electricity costs, TEPCO has issued a bonus firmly
Is the, I feel that negative effects of monopoly regime of communist power industry have come up with will.