The growing [Sports Watch] expectations, “girl’s successor” of Homare Sawa

Was draw with North Korea, but the fact that China was defeated rival, Olympics of Nadeshiko Japan has been decided.Pink popular following from W Cup winner, was supposed to last up to the London Olympics next year at least in this.

In the Olympic qualifying taking place in China, three straight wins Thailand, Australia, and South Korea, suffered in North Korea against following, but it has left the results to keep the face of W Cup champion.However, when we turn our attention to the game content, a shade of anxiety remains.

Regular is fixed perfectly a member came to W Cup current Nadeshiko Japan, and etc. to appoint young by sparing Sawa in Thailand fight, but, team force, fell Gakunto as expected.

There is also no voice solicitously the players layer is thin, generation change is not done well evident, rather than the transient Nanoha pink popular, that it might be of a teamwork that.

In response to this situation, Sasaki suggests making a selection to camp year.Without calling flagship Miyama and Sawa, et al, to convene a meeting of nearly 50 young people, and that’s going to attempt to raise the national team.From that a lot of underage generation high-capacity in the country, if it is possible to raise well, like make inroads into a member of the London Olympics, a new player might come out.

I would like to note among them, it’s MF · Yoko Tanaka belonging to the JFA Academy Fukushima.Tanaka, whose main battlefield is the volante, control tower that boys and a powerful weapon middle shot of surprised, to control the game in the bottom of the middle.From its potential, voice interested in pushing the successor of Sawa also not a few, it’s rough diamond.

And, from the looks cute, and the most popular of distinguished alongside Nakata Fuyume of the same generation in the in the net above all.Looking ahead to the first and the London Olympics, is expected to take the rise of the next generation who Nadeshiko.
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