That foreigners difficult in the United States [BBS] is from our partners?”Cramped space”

Q & A site of the United States in the “asiatravelquestions”, that foreigners difficult when you travel to Japan What?I have cast and questions.Below, I translated the Japanese writing in English.Rustic and impressions of the editorial department in ().

———————– ● main thread: that when you travel the dimsim20012000 Japan, foreigners are difficult to What?Please let me know if you find some thing common in Japanese culture and life, be, for example, such as bathing and eating habits, I felt difficult.


● It is puzzling that Dattari notation only Japanese, menu labeling and Deborah and to navigate and is usually rushed to the same home, the type of train is often.And space and size of the building, because they are according to the size of the average Japanese, foreigners sometimes feel cramped.Toilet is small, long-legged friend was not closed the door.(I Is there a toilet very small indeed)

● difficulty of the largest, that Japanese is too sensitive for Bent Snowman foreigners.It is staring wherever you go.Is not only Japan, but of course, in the country you have traveled so far, the trend was observed especially in Japan.(This tendency might actually strong and go to the local in Japan)

● In the United States of Shirokuma car society, it is hard to imagine that you get on a crowded train.It is surprising train crowded, that there is that it is not closed the door of the train a man of so much.Have you worried people with small back and or not than can not breathe.(It must be a rare sight in the country without a custom to take the train)

● there be confused by where and when take off the shoes Marry.Friend took off the shoes at the attractions of Kyoto, but after that you do not know that to carry the shoes and the bag provided, the guide was over, it’s so had to go to get it up to a remote location shoes.(I think it’s a habit you do not get used in Japanese)

(Editors: Taj Mahal Koji Yamaguchi)