Sustainable energy

Rather than the primary propulsion, aim of Bill Gates’ s reduce greenhouse gas.He has also invested in renewable energy, because there is a vast desert in the United States in particular, wind power is that it is promising.Sunlight is also a promising, solar cells now can not compete with fossil fuel cost is high.So policies that subsidize the technology now is nonsense, it’s to assist the research and development.

Guidebook of energy problems for his recommended he is in this book, I read in the author’s website is entirely original.Professor at the University of Cambridge, on the basis of the number thoroughly like a scientist, the authors explain the energy problem in the number of graphs.United Kingdom so blessed with the most wind power in Europe, estimates he’s friendly to renewable energy considerably, but there are environmental issues to renewable energy.Since the wind is disliked by noise problem in particular, the area can be located is limited.As a result, it does not cover only about 15% of per capita energy consumption 125kWh / day in the UK and also fit into a biomass.

There is a geothermal and hydropower in the case of Japan, room for expansion which is also less and think about environmental issues.In terms of cost in terms of reducing greenhouse gases, the most overwhelming advantage is I is a nuclear power.In the case of the United Kingdom, When you stop fossil fuel without nuclear power, it has to import energy of up to 72%.Since there is no option to import of power, there would be no choice but covered by firepower most minute to reduce the nuclear power plant in Japan.