23 people transfusion AIDS outbreak in India, children or cause

The 12th, [Xinhua] Tokuden Indian government officials revealed that children of 23 people were infected with the AIDS virus in the country at least the Western District.Likely to be infected because of the blood transfusion is high.
In the district of Junagado Gujurato State in the western India, responsible for a hospital said, “These children received a free blood transfusion in January-August” and.A spokesman for Gujarat explained, “and sent a medical team, you are doing an investigation” and.
According to the spokesman, received a blood transfusion in the same hospital many of the children infected with AIDS virus.”Indian Express” is quoting some parents children, it is reported, “the children received a blood transfusion in the same hospital” and.
According to the AP, these children take a rare genetic disease in “thalassemia”, and had received regular blood transfusion.Both a kid of poor families.
According to the “Times of India”, children of more than 4500 people are sick the “thalassemia” in Gujurato State.
(Translated Lee Tsugihigashi / edit the translation Ami Matsuo)

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