Pattern of urban planning anthropomorphic is raised between China geek

Anthropomorphic story seems to be established as one genre already among China geek national personification work “Hetalia” and become very popular, but the city of “China magazine nerdy in China” Ten漫 “the other day planning of anthropomorphic “seems to have begun.This project is a thing called Let anthropomorphic characters in a manner to Gakuen Mono city of China, and is likely to set in each city is in the form such as:.

********* Beijing: man, 18 years old student council president.The son of a big shot politician, the central figure of the student council with the most leadership in the fellow.There is something that can not be imagined from the image of the appearance that prefer profusely dumplings.I live in a mansion and a magnificent old-fashioned, such as the National Palace Museum.

Shanghai: man (16 years old) blonde prince-based character splendid noble.I feel short and young, a little tsundere personality.Pride is high, never-give-up attitude.Competitors Beijing.Way of thinking is different from the ordinary people, are annoying to other people to be funny all the time behavior.

Guangzhou: grades man (17 years) is distinguished, in a kind gentle personality, smart ass there is musical talent.Those that do not know for geek art geek deep enough not.The biggest feature bravery and power related to food.

Elder sister of beautiful woman wearing a style of woman (18 years) epidemic: Chengdu.Spicy food, hot pot is particularly fond of.It’s like cooking, but it would created a terrible food with too much pepper every time.I’m wearing a black-and-white Socks accessories panda liked.

Nice young lady (17 years old) grew up woman: Hangzhou.Artist known name in the old-fashioned beauty.I have formed a duo of two younger and Suzhou of “Heaven”.There is also a sense of the epidemic among them (from the words “if any heaven above, there Sokui under” hereinafter) – it can be old-fashioned, there is the ability to accept new things quickly.I have embraced the favor of the Nanjing.

Suzhou: The childish than Hangzhou, outgoing, but the woman (15 years) Suzhou is a little crybaby in innocence.Nanjing nephew of three years older is love than you, “to bukkake Aunt” as is or swagger in front of the Nanjing always, you are in trouble if Nanjing whether I do support.

Big brother (18 years) old-fashioned man: Nanjing.Long hair.I like to wear the clothes Han.It has a wide range of knowledge, and has an inner surface firm.It looks at any time as being a grand manner, it is cool and level at your own rhythm in everything.I like radish.Before student council president “still water runs deep” a.

Fuzhou: Any man (17 years old) appearance, physique, performance is usually very.But the contents are good people dyed-in-the-wool to be able to rely on a good.Homemaking skill is high, be good at taking care of others.Will die becomes a housekeeper full time whenever I met Xiamen cousin.

Cute boy guy (12 years old) girl like: Xiamen.Have a talent for music on a whim smart wit is heard.I’m not apart moment and pets renamed the “KonamiShima”.I like mung bean paste rice cake.

Jinan: man (17 years old) friendly brother.I like reading and nap.Received the tutelage of the Confucian culture born in the hometown of AnaHajime, to have a Bunga innate temperament.Brain clear and honest, and sincere.There is also a place that has passed through the Kyoki in their nature, to take action heroism manner well.

Intellectual who was born as a disciple of a man, 18 years old bookman: Xian.Haraguro tactician with glasses of square frame.I have to wear white gloves at all times for protection of cultural relics.Preference the Terracotta 俑収 Library, and has placed in the house as the interior Terracotta Warriors.

Three non-girl woman (18 years) taciturn apathy expressionless: Luoyang.In the passenger-cum-bodyguard of Xian excel in martial arts talk too little, two people are living together.

Harbin: man (18 years) cold gray hair tall beauty boys.Dress warmly than the others since come from the north.But mind hot Contrary to cold appearance, I love a joke, but to the cold snow danced around and slipped all the time.*********

Even just to have a quick look, I am kinda funny does not come transmitted much in Japan, the image of the Chinese cities (China geek layer, but it seems a lot of planning, so a plan) by the Chinese people’s out in various ways.(Author: one hundred yuan Kagohitsuji)