future, if defectors who [China] BBS was shipwrecked on Japan’m made?!

Small boat carrying the nine found with defectors in the Noto Peninsula off the coast of Japan have been discovered, for news that is protected by the Japan Coast Guard, the thread is put up on the bulletin board of Baidu major Chinese search site, discussion is.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● attrition Lord: According to the announcement of the Maritime Safety Agency of Love Japanese Maki, based on the report from the Japanese fishing boat, I found a boat in the Noto Peninsula, (three three children man Three women) nine are in North Koreans that was riding.Patrol boat is to rescue the North Koreans already, that seems to be defectors, according to the initial investigation, according to the Security Service.So far, the Japanese government because it does not accept the defectors, how dealing with defectors of these, it’s a headache for the Japanese government.


● It would be really hard Misaka 10099.It’s a place called to obtain a narrow escape.The point, go straight road to death thing that confirm if you back to North Korea. (It must be so sure)

● funny deciduous ignorance fall.There should be much of South Korea is close to if the drift.Japan is far much from North Korea.

● Because I do not even a626505801 GPS ….Maybe you’ll do drifted to Japan After going to South Korea.

● death is waiting for surely if you send back jshengyu0.Defectors who come to China more than a few, but the People’s Liberation Army’s He does not want to do send back the defectors.

● No, no deciduous ignorance fall ↑, we should send back to the absolute.Because affect the relationship in the morning and it will not work. (Or would not a humanitarian response)

● The reason for repatriation to the home country also rocky517775 of killing also is the same.It will still do accept.Japan is a country of democracy.It attaches great importance comparatively human rights.

● Happy New up and ready to go refugee ID card in exchange for 莉御 Luo Xiaojie all 推倒 life.But, life in Japan is also a very.Japan is not to be sent back to North Korea absolutely. (Although it is thought that it might be being transferred to countries such as South Korea and from past cases)

● In the east of the jshengyu0 Liaoning, there are a lot of people fleeing from North Korea ….

● people such Kanto Corps, to keep evacuated also I guess trouble.

● techniques on how to drift this Specter Earl xx I great! Control Ni would be difficult to Anna small wooden boat. (It probably was just desperate)

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)