Costume of Tanzania representatives participated in the Miss Universe 2011 is a matter “Saint Seiya”

September 13, 2011, determining the world’s most beautiful woman “Miss Universe 2011” was held.Is one of the world’s mis-scale to be carried out in more than 80 countries participated, this tournament has a history of nearly 50 years.Women of Angola won the seat in the world this year.I was not able to Kamiyama Maria’s Japan representative, the top 16 entering unfortunately, but it was a big luck and 10 in National costume review.

It’s caught the eye conspicuously in this costume review, it’s costume representative of Tanzania Women.Her appearance is was the costume, such as appearing popular manga “Saint Seiya” in the (Saint Seiya) like.

The Saint Seiya manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump”, it is a fighting manga by Masami Kurumada’s original work, which has been serialized to 1986 and 1990.Stage of is also starring in the SMAP and is animated television.

Has a great influence in the works of other “Cloth (cloth)” The Battle of removable suit coming out to Sakuchu, comic works that incorporate this element later is the birth of a number.

Was competing in national costume examination of Miss Universe this, costume Nelly Kamuu~eru~u’s Tanzania, he is very similar to St. clothing gold that appeared in the work “Golden Saint” in (Gold Cross).The helmet with a long corner and shield, made of tortoise shell and spear and Golden hand.The figure has courted warrior itself, a powerful beautiful atmosphere just.She won the seat at the 7-position of costume examined in this costume.

By the way, Maria Kamiyama’s Japan, won the seat at the 10-position and armed with sword in kimono.Even so, designers of Tanzania worked on this costume, I wonder knew Saint Seiya.Maybe, you might have to refer to the work of Mr. Masami?

Ref: TOM & LORENZO (English)

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