[] Sports Watch blog ablaze with criticism Pink “Do not say complain”

Former American football player, Mr. Masashi estuary.It’s Kawaguchi, also known as the guru of American football field with the aim of NFL player of the first Japanese, but the 14th, the official blog of own “@ Masa” on, gave a description of the Nadeshiko Japan, antipathy of fan was up in flames and buy.

The contents of the blog that has been updated in a straight heading of “say such complaint” is meant for Olympic qualifying in China Nadeshiko Japan fought.In the same blog spelled five lines, I’ve been in the news of players “Nadeshiko League is Forget the complaints remarks on the environment in China.
“Meal is the same thing every day”
“Cooler bus movement works too much”
So I happened?The What a feeling.
Do you do not you’ve been saying is “happy as possible in football” until just a short while ago?I’m strictly a Ihana~tsu “.

Unlike the United States, in Japan, women’s football like in the past, in football field day is hard to hit, probably there was a place where I think the only estuary, who repeated the challenge and effort in silence -.However, “criticism is fine, but simply because I is now up-and-coming, such article is the only out is they that feel place to criticize, such as different will” comments received on the blog, in the field in the “interview I was asked about events.And I answered it.It has become a situation where critical comments and I think not just that, “and” fire my marketing “has asked 900 hotels nearby.