Child allowance and, to use and nursery maintenance or correct because there is waste?

Is a thought experiment entry.
We used the theme of a favorite child allowance my.

There is criticism “parent wasting to brand-name products such as gambling and tobacco and alcohol and also are” called to the child allowance.
That the opinion “So, use and maintenance of the nursery that can not be such a waste” and is followed by many.But what so?

There will be parents and wasting child allowance.I do not know the ratio of how much, but let’s say 5% if.Then ¥ 50 billion will be wasted them to distribute and one trillion yen a child allowance.

Now, what if that was used to provide the public of the nursery the other minute?Will it be 100% effective use really?
There are terrible cases that are not expected to be users as originally planned in road construction.
For the nursery, I think that there is no waste fetters of interest of general contractor is enough because the road would be less, but still waste occurs.There is also a surface inefficiencies of government is poor, but it is a waste that really occur.
It is common, even if the private sector to invest in the business at one’s own expense, it would be wasted without proceeding to speculation as originally.

You might think to have been effectively utilized 100% by just “full amount was used to purchase equipment and facilities of nursery and nursery for children of construction” and to think simply.However, even in the equipment and child-related facilities of other waste, such as the bridge that no one has used it to exist in any nursery.

Either I present useless to capital investment in children’s allowance.You should be discussed with the understanding there.

Nursery is also in short supply in the city center, and household parenting household has become severely.Support will be needed for both.
When the budget is limited under such circumstances, it should be selected considering the balance How can I use, more of which is that it might run out of either waste or low or.
It will not be discussed in this story that there is waste only in the other hand.