TEPCO has been stingy the assets is allowed to take over the consumer damages

When damages squeeze the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, TEPCO, had a 100 billion yen the asset sales target in May.
However, it is not trivial to reparations in this, September 16, it was found that it is a policy which aims to secure 200 billion yen by selling the real estate to be held according to Kyodo News.
It is to start the building of a prime location in the heart of the city that is 10 billion yen more than market value, such as head office in Tokyo’s Hibiya, 280 sites about welfare facilities such as dormitories and company housing, and recreation facilities that are subject.
However, according to the consolidated financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2011, total assets of TEPCO is about 14 trillion 800 billion yen.
‘s The order of magnitude.

The disposal of 100 billion yen, also there is an asset sale terrible, but it has a generous and still out as giant Tokyo Electric Power of Japan’s leading.
If you do not mind my saying so a lawyer and is not yet considered their property by stint perpetrators of illegal activities, such as perpetrators of traffic accidents to a great rich, Nantes reluctant concession to the victim.
Do not fool around TEPCO orchestrated price increases for three years! There is only bankruptcy process TEPCO to delay the inevitable

TEPCO head office = afternoon the 16th, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Speaking of the greatest asset of TEPCO, the distribution network is put.
This is to not only TEPCO, it can be said that all power company, but that the power company has a monopoly all in the area of ​​transmission and distribution, power generation, has inhibited the power liberalization.
First, from TEPCO, you should begin the sale by separating these.

Such as real estate or shares in affiliated companies are also included in the total assets, power transmission equipment (2 trillion 92.3 billion yen), substation equipment (828.8 billion yen), power distribution equipment of larger in fixed assets (2 trillion 1540 100 million yen), which is about 5 trillion yen total.

Also, “According to the consolidated financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2011, total assets of TEPCO about 14 trillion 800 billion yen” is the securities and real estate’s underrated in which I wrote the first.
TEPCO has about 10 million square meters by the shortest possible sale of land that has not been used for power generation.Located on the other Some inner city, but be calculated at ¥ 100,000 the average unit price basis, it is as much as about 10 trillion yen roughly.
In addition, according to the Annual Report of TEPCO, securities of listed companies that TEPCO owns is about 300 billion yen, securities of unlisted is 70 billion yen.
Amount of time that has acquired the securities so (book value), if one is bought up to 40 period about Showa Nikkei Stock Average was less than 3000 yen, there should be unrealized gains on quite the amount of money.
It is also possible that the Nikkei Stock Average of current because you have more than tripled, to be about 1 trillion yen if you sell the securities

Besides, I still.

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TEPCO to pay the compensation to be made to one order pants

(Left) TEPCO has “Atami Zhuang” is situated on high mountains (Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture), some [PHOTO] Hashimoto Noboru (middle), Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, which overlooks the city of Atami and “Ya Resort L Yellow Sea”.TEPCO union building located close by (right) Hamamatsucho Station [PHOTO] Noboru Hashimoto which is located on the slope of a hillside in one of the resort house subsidiary of TEPCO has to enter.SONOKO’s old building made famous in the whitening revolution [PHOTO] Yoshioka Kiyotaka