Japan you make a mistake the use of money.In the future …

Balance sheet of the whole country of Japan is seen Do not know.
The stock Hen and comprehensive accounts of the national accounts of the Cabinet Office Kakuho to Find.
I have a representation Nantes “national wealth” and minus the liabilities from assets.

National wealth in Japan I heard a 2,712 trillion yen at the end of 2009.
Because I do not pin this To be too large amount of money, or let’s take a look at the trends in the graph.

“Percentage of national wealth to the assets” are those that hit the financial position to the “equity ratio”.
But recovered a little of the good times before the failure of Lehman Brothers, but falling right shoulder basically.

This spring, the earthquake happened, and how to finance reconstruction?It becomes a situation I,
More near future, or is there also talk Nantes big earthquake … even in the metropolitan area.
So there was a mistake how to use the money in peacetime…
Expansiveness of the national debt (※ Treasury announcement) is, seems to have been a war like.
Just look at the (※ National Police Agency announced) number of suicides in fact it was a civil war or state?

In terms of where the failed or how to use the money specifically, in part social security.
International comparison of national burden rate of tax and social security (※ Ministry of Finance announced)
Because hard to see on the small on account of (space, I look in Click to enlarge image.)
Speaking of what we the people have been demanding the country so far,

Those of the United States or not it cheaper taxes than Japan! Give me the same level as the European Social Security (pensions and health insurance)!
Tracking down both Nantes unreasonable talk absolutely.Of course this shit debt also increased.
That opportunity, the recent disaster, irresponsible, I, please switch the head.
Talking to said that out to Nantes use, the pension financial resources for reconstruction,
And I think we begin to move in the direction to end the pension plan soon.

If you do not think to match it, if every one of us also should live.
First of all pension plans on the assumption that end, the sense of lucky about Once I get.
Or enough how much if any “last month?And I wrote among the article entitled What “,
That’s why How can continue to ensure that the revenue will continue without “unreasonable?”Is important.

Recite every Tom, Dick and Harry English, and English, but recently, it is really important that?
There is no intention to large companies to international expansion, it is possible to obtain the money hanging life.
Been removed the title and company name, Once thrown out in the world, people just.
Because the are the number of stars of Nantes human native language is English.

What you need each everyone should differ.
The past week, because it is a lot of holiday calendar, and invite you to think slowly?