[Departure from Africa! All four family death head-on collision with the mother, and the bus was driving while nursing Breaking News].(South Africa)

September 15, head-on collision accident of passenger car and bus occurred in the road of Pretoria, a family of four that was riding in passenger cars killing all passengers and the bus driver was also injured.

Morning September 15, car carrying three-year-old boy and girl of one year old, their parents collides with bus.Bus is put people to commute to Pretoria city, one woman and the bus driver is seriously injured.

Surprisingly, it was found that there was a girl who is 1-year-old mother of the knee that was riding in the driver’s seat.It is believed that it might be of was driving while nursing.Father boys and 3-year-old was riding in the back seat also died.Family has not been the seat belt.The violence appears in the wreck of the car, the front of the passenger cars are crushed, ceiling part were gone to the back seat shock of the accident.

30 passengers who were aboard the bus, were treated in hospital with minor injuries.Woman who suffered a serious injury was thrown out of the bus, but both feet are cut by the impact of the accident, and was flown to the hospital as it is.Women are shocked, but that condition is and is stable.

It is not known the exact cause of the collision.It is or will order or due to carelessness of the front passenger side, specification of the bus was illegal, to carry out a careful study and in any.

75 people have died in the “past the 15th Police.It is said, “you do not have a seat belt”, 90% of the 75 people who died from that “due to human error, such as” drinking and driving “.Also it is not possible to say a lot of things to people who “traffic police is riding in went inside the car.It’s “only a responsibility of the person who is riding driver, the car, I have the evocation of accident prevention.

On the same day, the track hit the guard rail by the front inadvertently lane change, and crashed into pedestrians in reaction, accident three women will die also is going on in this area.

I want you to know the person you want to use the car, the fear of losing their lives in the moment.
(TechinsightJapan Editorial Kondo Hitomi)

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