Celebrities love.Plague yokozuna Hakuho? Roppongi play sister of a groupie

It is solely sister Hakuho, Badogereru, who lived in London as a model once (34) is turned into a headache of Hakuho.
Eight-head figure beautiful woman in similar mother to the doctor in “Mongolia, had been active in the fashion magazine in the UK.I go to Japanese school in Tokyo now.I have never seen a figure which clothes or wearing a super mini skirt, and wearing a dress or wide-open chest, calm anyway.It’ll also living the leisurely apartment of Kinshichou that Hakuho has bought him “(sports newspaper reporter)

She came to Japan for the first time in May of ’07.It is a place where Hakuho was Ozeki time is undefeated championship, decided to yokozuna promotion.I came to Japan for the watch arena of final day of the Blue Dragon Metropolitan morning.
At that time “, Japan seems quite liked.Roppongi’s caught my eye among them.Entertainer come when incognito in the club, and there is also a VIP room.It seems to have known playful but also in London, Tokyo will was the town enough to tickle the curiosity of her.It seems to have decided that he moved immediately, “said

And such as close to the record 69-game winning streak with a Futaba Mountain, became a sister whose brother a large grand champion of press not to be pushed last year.
If it becomes sister of “yokozuna, around will do anything.There seems to be that it becomes commonplace, sumo officials from Mongolia confused especially.For example, I do not know Italian shop that comes well “entertainer?I go around and heard “.I do not know Italian to sumo wrestler.Even more, it is refreshing Uosao in the Mongolian.Still, I Toraseru to reservation without respect.And I say to be referred to as “sister of Hakuho” whenever the.Then, the treatment of the store side because it is different “(Mongolian sumo wrestler)

After I asked to buy a luxury apartment in Kinshichou Hakuho recently, such as spur rests on the play further.
“She’m famous in the upper classes of Mongolia.I do not have fans rub care locally at least “(Mongolian wrestlers supra)

That said, her dream is such as thing to become a celebrity married to a celebrity in Japan.