4.39 → 3.27 1 game scoring average unification ball after the introduction, HR is 0.93 → 0.55

“What shutout defeat also, c’mon”
“Zero home run, hit one digit …….I Taman and sleepy anymore ”

The only Boyaki from the mouth of fans left the stadium.By “dead ball” was introduced in this season, hitting performance of athletes has become a disastrous consequences.Victims of most, but customers who go to see paying money.It is genuinely help faking the fans is this – “Become a uniform sphere, professional baseball is no longer interesting”.

Data tell vividly of professional baseball this season of the “meanness”.The draw was only about 20 game through the season, so far (September 8) 42 game already this season.Due to the impact of the earthquake, “three and a half hours rule” is also a big reason, but it does not stop there,.

There are also three games already played 0-0 in this year.Hit only seven to match both teams after she fought 12 times extension to you lead to Sino-Japanese war – Giant of September 8.Sports newspaper even if established as “pitching duel that breathtaking” How much, fans have insight.Batter who is not only no longer typing in the “impact of a unified sphere” rather than the improvement of pitcher force.

Type and manufacturer of the official ball which has been adopted by the team was different until last season, but was unified in ball low coefficient of restitution from this season.There is also that Japan suffered representative to respond to the official tournament ball in the WBC of 2009, it has been carried out as “should match the international standards”.A result of the internationalization’s mass production of “salty game”.

Batting average has been down for more than one point scoring average (.269 → .247), of per game for about two rin 2 minutes and 4.39 to 3.27 in the last year.(Last year 0.93 pcs) 0.55 bottle per team average per game and is led to the home run.That is the game you also visited the stadium, found a home run is of a once every two times.

※ 30 days issue September 2011 Weekly Post