Wang Lee Hom is furious! The U.S. singer rip-off allegations “garbage news” – Taipei

September 18, 2011, Wang Lee Hom popular artists (Leehom Wang) PR is the advance sale of new album in Taipei.I talked about the alleged rip-off of the latest song.Jiyujiho was told.

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Be releasing new album “firepower fully open”, was held a PR event to match the advance sale start on September 30.Recently, for the same name Track List, Taiwan media reported that some are gulp of U.S. popular music singer Kesha the “Blow”.On the other hand, Lee Hom mild to very bare the anger is usually.Shows the discomfort “news such as trash” and “waste of newspaper” mini-blog, fan more than 30,000 people have been supporting the.

On this day, it refers to the alleged rip-off, Lee Hom can testify on your own If you do not do it “ensure.Comments should be accused of doing what I have been doing if, but added, “not seen such a movement.I showed the attitude to protect the latest song was completed and spent three months.

The “thermal fully open”, and Sony Music that connects the management agreement, work the last on the verge contract maturity.Looking ahead, private office establishment has also been rumored, but I declined to answer this day.(Translation and editing / Mathilda)

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