The scathing assessment of “Ranked # 863 of 877 people found the following review helpful:” the U.S. credit rating site Ichiro

“Poor cost-effectiveness” of Ichiro Seattle Mariners have become a hot topic.According to web sites that are “rating”, compared to the annual salary grades of major leaguers to “Baseball Player Salaries”, 877 people surveyed player, # 863 Ichiro (the 12th now).While scoring 10 consecutive years 30% and 200 hits, and he is sinking to the lowest rainy day near.

$ 17 million of Japanese highest (about 1.3 billion yen), annual salary this season Ichiro account for about 22 percent of the total amount of all Mariners player.Despite the team becomes the downturn in the 7 minutes level 20%, batting average can not be helped even when subjected to Low Ratings certainly.

“Poor fuel economy” that stands out more when I look in different conditions……. When compared with (Marlins) Mike Stanton that are cost performance is the best.

● [Ichiro] (following a) $ 100,000 one hit (about 8 million yen) [Stanton] (following graphics) $ 3,409 (about 270,000 yen)
● 1 game [b] $ 120,000 (about 9.6 million yen) [database] $ 3,081 (about 240,000 yen)
● hourly rate [b] $ 1,940 (about 150,000 yen) [database] $ 47 (about 3760 yen)

Stanton’s outfielder of young promising strains major debut in 2010.There is a large difference in annual salary of two people it’s of course, but there are also differences about 30 times the cost of the same with one hit.

By the way, the general occupation of both doing the comparison on the site.According to it, Ichiro that churn out the annual income of President Obama in eight days, the annual income of police officers in the United States in one day.Mr. Yoshiaki Furuuchi of MLB analyst says.

In annual salary and performance of baseball players is synonymous with highly paid, it is evaluated by the addition of various verification “In the United States.And just is not able to work to meet the annual salary “of course been criticized,” you take a bashing that not be compared with Japan ”

※ 30 days issue September 2011 Weekly Post