[China] blog Japan the safety proof for the world in the “Fukushima transfer of the capital”

For “visa relaxation to the Chinese” that continue after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Chinese bloggers “farmer Zeten” Mr. represents the sense of crisis for the radioactivity, it is proposed that “if it is to prove safety in the transfer of the capital to the Fukushima” are.

In the blog, with robbery and handling thief Chinese, Japan was necessary and property and proof of occupation proved to get the tourist visa “Until now.But after the earthquake, the Japanese tourism industry plummeted, was carried out of Western tourists also left.Describes the current situation where the Japanese government is “relaxed visa criteria for Chinese tourists.

But, “the Japanese government seems to welcome the Chinese with a smile, but the health risk to Japan tourism suspect that the increasing.According to the Nuclear Safety Agency, the amount of cesium-137, which is released in the nuclear power plant accident, like 168 times the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima “, in Gunma Prefecture, which is located in the northern part of the” Tokyo, and fish exceeding the reference value of cesium it, “said I hear is caught, expressed strong concern about the radioactivity.

“The Japanese government seems to be the total Shifts the focus or intentionally calm down, the severity of the situation the first time the international community”, “the Japanese government has summoned the Chinese tourists, wonder can ensure the health further emergence.Shows the distrust and “Na would not a bother to the collateral of radioactive contamination to Chinese No way.And, “the Chinese government to are trying to go on a trip to the Chinese people to dangerous land of Japan.In exchange for the life or health of the Chinese people, and wonder if smoked sesame to Japan.Eye of distrust ranged up to their governments, “said funny story.

Bloggers In conclusion, we hope “to measure the radioactivity in the affected areas, the Chinese government wants to reassure the Chinese people” and, if there is no problem of “radioactivity, Japan cents to Fukushima to Japan would be good to.If the prime minister office in Fukushima, it is possible to prove safety to the world.I suggested people and also “will come around.(Editors: Nishiyama positive)