The reason is said to be the business school also useless?! “MBA is destroy the company” and. 

“The I read something of this management, it is not useless”.One day, a friend suddenly leaked.Certainly, there is no correct answer to the management referred to as “what you do”, I used to go heading each time the optimal solution depending on the situation.So how should I do on earth?

Let you late at night and you have return to office on the go.I have a younger employees overtime is still detention.Called out as “cheers for good work until late,” but, he / she is here late always, that should have long ago exceeded the overtime limit is crossed my head.

At this time, what will correspond if you?

(1) That’s very in overtime always more “.And “Welcome home early because good today already, I encourage the return home.
(2) I do not want a slow so much “.Added, “I Na to impossible, to tolerate overtime.
(3) I’m racking the “What.And see “Let me see, to intervene directly in the work.

None can be correct in some circumstances, and may not be correct in this.

The management, in the picture pattern and the background that led there, complex factors, including the human relationships involved, it is an act that you can select the words and actions of one, nothing or did not choose dare.

Many of them are performed instantaneously, reflex in daily.Do not say this is as a waste at all, but to grasp the management in “read only” it will be difficult considerably.Reality is not sweet enough to be a problem resolved by two-page spread.
To someone “bestow teaching” work of managers, not

It, the world of training is also the same.Sequence referred to as global management scholar Peter Drucker professor, Henry Mintzberg Professor, pointed out with a limit of classroom style of knowledge bias towards conventional, global trends and is changing greatly.

For some time, Mintzberg Professor has argued, “someone bestow teaching” “work of managers is not” and, it is described as follows in the name of third generation “to learn from the experience of their day-to-day” how are.

Following is here

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