“Great players leave an impression in the first team,” Wenger is expected to City Palace

Arsene Wenger director, head of Arsenal, said of the Japanese FW Miya-shi Akira.It is told in the official title of the HP Club, the words of Wenger “season, Ryo will be able to leave an impression in the first team” and.

City Palace has not yet been obtained the chance to play in the first team so far, but 1 goal in two games played in the reserve league.Etc. set stuff up the first goal in the game against Bolton last time, I showed a sharp movement.Wenger expects the temple city, I’m talking as follows:.

It must be given the “time.It is thought that it does not want to spend even extra pressure.However, he’s a fantastic player ”

“A year ago, Ryo came to trial here.And I decided we try to contract.Just want to continue to promote things on track, and I do not think you and let’s hurry ”

“He is fast, you are in good position, it is possible to play an effective.There ‘s also a perfect commitment ”

City Palace allegedly official game debut’s definitely Carling Cup which takes place in the 20th.Official game debut was delayed due to the influence of the failure, but the “Palace of the Arsenal City” finally starts up.

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