Waeeeeee! Duck who run the river at a very high speed

Is referred to as “brute force of Cagiva” that you feel the danger of their own, to demonstrate the power of more than usual, but this is likely to also apply to animals apparently.

I can not believe the video has been up under the title “Flock of ducks scared to death” to Youtube, how the duck who runs the river faster than the eye can see is projected, this is what a duck really pace of running about is insanely fast.

For this, “ducks in an attempt to hide, author of the video went running toward the riverbank.It is talk they, and “will be to not forget for some time to meet with us I’m sure, and surprise to encounter the unexpected with humans, ducks seems to have gone run through at a very high speed, such as that apparently.

Even so, they wonder if running on water? It is likely to think of such impossible but, there is only and fast, it would have been Omowasa that it might be of running on water really maybe.

(Statement = Tashiro DaiIchiro)
Ref: Youtube / biocysm

I see the video of this article