Giant snail large breed in Miami, home is eat

Alien species comes in, and such as overgrowth, it can sometimes be to break the original ecological.

In Miami in the United States, giant snail that giant snail is mass generation, it seems to be a major problem.

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Even heard that snail, you may think to be no harm so much, but there are also harboring (rat lungworm) parasite that causes meningitis feared very much in Europe and the United States.

In addition, it is like going to eat a house stuck on the wall in that horrible, it is that damage and are on the outer wall and.

It is expected that children put two dogs in a pocket in Hawaii in 1965, giant snail is a foreign species was originally bred in the United States, and had increased by smuggling as it is.

Larger ones grow to about 25cm, and spawning a 1200 to year, from that there are no foreign enemy too, and at a frightening pace breeding.

It is frantically Have a big breeding than before, and so embarked also 17000 animals of disinfection over the $ 1 million and ’10, volunteers and local government is trying to eradicate As for mass generation of this It seems.

It is plagued by breeding a variety of alien species in Japan, but the place of this horrible problem was only brought in once, it’s the damage irreversible ecosystem.

Pictures seen the size of the giant snail, please also refer to the following article that was introduced earlier.
Photo that had been stunned different scale! “Not a level I snail”

Miami invaded by giant house-eating snails

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