Is a thing other than the “sexual, it feels good What kind of thing?Summary of each answer “

It is a thing you want to think a lot of good feeling and that this long-awaited fun life, as much as possible.

Tend to associate those sexual when it comes it feels good, but should be a lot even anything else.

By other than the “sexual, what is pleasure?There abroad site posts that “a lot of opinion had been received.

I introduce you to extract a comment.

• When you have to put up with toilet for a long time, and finally go.

Feeling after you have the larger.

· After you have a rumbling on the snow, take a hot bath.

– I scratch your mosquito bites.

– I seem to be curving, but not stop After scraping once, and probably worst after it red and swollen.

• The amazing and dash in a hot-water hot shower, a place where it was stabbed rather than scratching.

– I scratch your testicles.

· After the work is finished, when you remove the bra.

· Opponent should say, “When removing the bra you are, but most of Sensation” and.

· Doze off, massage toilet, in the bath.

– Hot shower.


· After the shower, ear cleaning with a cotton swab.


• When it was opened in one shot the rest of the book I had read.

• When you wear the socks of new.

• When it is good, rather than get out of bed in the morning.

• When you notice that I needed them to be out of bed and wake up in the morning, and do not get out of bed.

• The lying to the pool and making plenty of small bubbles by hitting the water in the arm, for a few seconds, when you wrap the whole body of his.

• When rammed into the rice before cooking the one hand.

Shower of beer.I want you to try to those who’ve never done.

30 seconds of the first hot bath.Very good it’s super hot.

-Finger touch the (scalp) scalp if Long Hair.

• When you edit, scalp you get touched with her fingers.

-Is to the people it, the whole body is paralyzed in delight.

• When it comes to the Zoku~tsu immediately after it, and become a part of the verge of favorite song.

• Even when the favorite scene in the movie.


• When you sit down after a standing all day.

-It favor so nurse.

• When removing the protective sheet from the new appliances.

• When you shudder to go to the bathroom.

• When it is played or stroked the hair.

– To defeat the enemy, and fell in front of the eye, when the woman of the guy raises the grief.

• Are the barbarians.

-Soft toilet paper.

• When you have to pee for a long time, it is also after them.

• In a sunny day, when you run a motorcycle the way you twist and no car.

[I see the image]

· What it is?

· It is a head massager.

-Or sea of ​​hot day, when you soak up the nape in cold pool.

Beer after the date of working 11 hours.

• Can not get off by bicycle a sharp slope.

-And when you overtake a car.

-After a long time course, when a loud fart at last.

, Body is sore in the exercise of the day before, in the time you have fatigue exercise today, bed of warm winter.

• When you take off your boots after you’ve done the 1st ski and snowboard.

Stretch of the first of the 1st.

Ear cleaning.

• When you do get scratched their heads in others, it is either get a massage.

• When you lean on the backrest of the chair.

• When you witness the birth of first child.

• When the goose bumps in music.

• When entering the futon of freshly-washed sheets.

• When you rub your eyes tightly.

• If you want the bubble wrap barefoot.

• When you laugh.

• When you sink the body it comes out of the dryer, the laundry fresh.

-That’s it until it hits the fastener.

-Roar that was played at the base.

• When it is opened suddenly after a great stuffy nose.

• When the foam in the ear is split open, tepid water comes out.

• When I got what I was jammed in the teeth at last.

• When you replace the colder the pillow.

• When you peel off the adhesive which stuck to their own hands.
(Image, are you peeling the adhesive)

– The image is, if there’s fear description.

· Open a new book, when I smell.

Ye is to fire while on the job in 2006, small children and his wife was saved at the last minute.That night, when I heard the snoring of all while sitting in the hotel.

• When placed on the first attempt in the right direction the insertion of the USB.Or rather infinite variety, but it is there are many people pleasure each.

But, what is understandable that there is some, I think in some pretty.There may be some Nantes want to do a little for the first time in many years.

By the way, it is a connector of the USB, but because there is a pattern, such as branched three on the front side If you look closely, Please check the person you are frustrated every time.

What’s the best non-sexual sensation ever?

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