“Prepared even if there is nothing” anti-nuclear activities to be accused Yamamoto Taro in “prefectural government intrusion”

I found that Yamamoto Taro actor (36) have been criminal prosecution on charges such as unlawful entry into the Saga prefectural government with the number members of the anti-nuclear group.At the time, it seems there was a skirmish with the county side, but the accusation, pros and cons are out.

The “Get in the hole! Put!”.With Ondo drum, about 200 members from the civil society go to the prefectural government rushed in one after the other.

In anti-nuclear demonstrations that took place on July 11, 2011, “not something that can be admitted as a nation governed by the rule of law” in Saga Prefecture, television camera had captured such a scene.

According to the report, Taro Yamamoto, who rushed from Shikoku work destination, stood at the top of the members from.Within you roll into, some members et al push the wall while holding from behind the security guard.Then, Mr. Yamamoto shouts “No violence! Violence! None” and.

County side, tried to prevent by creating a Bariketo, such as desk.On the other hand, to “anyone if not from plus when it becomes violent,” said Mr. Yamamoto, insisted on it get ~ out of one’s road.However, it can not be met eventually governor Yasushi Furukawa, was left by the staff handed the petition to seek re-Decommission of Genkai nuclear power plant.

Administrative scrivener man in Kyoto for the behavior of these Yamamoto et al did to criminal accused’s (27).August 17, it was revealed that the accused on the 14th the previous month to the Saga District Public Prosecutors Office Yamamoto et al. ‘Meeting to consider seriously the Kyoto party “the blog.It was thought that “is intended the Constitution to deviate significantly from guaranteeing freedom of expression, not to be admitted as a nation governed by the rule of law” and.

In addition, September 21, men revealed District Public Prosecutors Office has been accepted by the date 14 accusations, even in media coverage of then on charges of forcible obstruction of business, such as buildings and intrusion in an interview to the District Public Prosecutor’s Office and you have to have found that it has received.

On the other hand, Yamamoto and apparently noticed in the news, on Twitter Nau “accusation?I muttered (laughs) “.Shows the attitude that you do not mind, you are prepared even if there is a “What.It will be like that fight.I have called for “Do not worry about me because put yourself settled.

The accusation of administrative scrivener man, the movement of the nuclear phase and anti-nuclear pros and cons is the only growing, but also objection after another in the comments section of the blog.Is there a voice to praise the men “I can not be helped also being sued,” “You’ve done it really well,” but also criticized “I think no one to support you.” to be a “no idea why that accusation” Many blogs up in flames.

After a while then, blog administrative scrivener men, had been deleted.

For interview, men, was described not because criticized, was because of regional political parties requested, which is also the blog name from the “Kyoto party” Delete.Kyoto party at the official site, it is commented that a “not responsible” to the accusation.Men, was to have know that you’re as bothered, and quit the party.

To say about the behavior of Taro Yamamoto et al., Feeling that you accused has not changed.It’s that I thought it was not always went to the scene of the demonstration, nor are also opponents in primary advocates, but terrible to watch on TV.And, it is said, “Saga or should not accuse normally” and.

On the other hand, say that asset utilization Division of Saga, at the moment, not going to accuse Mr. Yamamoto et al..

There is a management rules to prefectural office building, behavior of Mr. Yamamoto et al, was in violation of this certainly.In addition to the discomfort by a loud sound or voice, to interfere with the public service performed in violent behavior and extortion of the interview, because it prevented the passage, such as sit-ins and Tachifusagari.However, and have to get fit and to persuade as much as possible.For this reason, it was not put out the exclusion order leading to report to the police.

For the accusation of men, it is said, “Because it is the story of the prosecution, or if, there is no comment on this matter,” and only.

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