Deposits of four major Chinese banks plummeted, to “usury between individuals” of fashion?

Deposits of 15 September of the four major state-owned commercial banks Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank fell about 420 billion yuan from the end of August.Deposits of the same four lines to decrease the extremely rare.Not sufficient funds is also has a significant effect on lending, new loan amount of four lines of this period was only about 87 billion yuan.Dated 22 China Securities Journal has reported.

According to analysts, the outflow of deposits are common at a time that is booming stock market, but the stock market is sluggish now.It is believed that in an opaque, collector market and financial instruments, deposit money is flowing in (P2P) lending between individuals of high-risk high-return, even the future of the real estate market is also expected inflation, continued.

But the possibility that individual is available at high interest rates through a broker funds borrowed from banks not deny, person-to-person lending popularity has led to the potential risk to the financial system.According authoritative source, I have seen bank loans of about 3 trillion yuan has flowed into the inter-individual loan market so far.

In a significant decrease in deposits, small and medium-sized bank deposits ratio daily average is above the line regulation of 75% is also seen.(Editors: Asano Kazutaka)