[From Asia! Four luxury cars and a mansion Breaking News].Man who became a millionaire with the money obtained by begging.14.3 million yen annual income Tsukekomi in good faith!?(China)

In China recently, people who sat down to the streets wearing tattered clothes, ask alms of good faith to those who pass by is increasing.In the rain, invites the sympathy of the people to take a small child or sometimes inside, under the hot weather.However, It is surprising because say that there are man who bought a mansion up with the money to afford to do so.

The other day, on the streets of Beijing Xicheng 區西 TICKET_POST Easy Order, photo of a man begging has been up on the Internet.Contributors are advised that it should not feel sorry for this guy.Because, in this area for many years, man is seeking alms of good faith with one’s mother when she is old and two children sometimes, real life’s that it is gorgeous.

According to the author, a few buildings mansion, this guy has 4 Kitchen luxury cars in Beijing, mother wearing a luxury accessories, sons is also a so decked out in brand-name products.

In addition, according to net another user, 4000 yuan up to one hour revenue record of this man is that it is (about 48,000 yen).If true, it follows that it is more than the monthly salary of salaried workers of 8-hour work the 1st.In addition, the median income for a “man to assume that 1000 yuan for one hour, and 5 hours a day and you have 20 days begging January, 1.2 million yuan annual income of man (about 14.3 million yen).I was also referred net user who comments yet need of tax also “not.

It is a story hard to believe, but to suddenly, staff who work in the parking lot next door said, “in the people to raise the money to” beggar king “, no one wealthy than him” and.This guy a matter of fact I were rich seems famous in the neighborhood.

Such a fraud is not to limited to “beggar king” this.I hear rumors the elderly and disabled to beg in the streets and tourist destinations that are at stake are gangsters in the back of persons.However, simply because there are good people who would expect to be listening to the rumor “to pass through the heart hurts,” the beggar king must have continued to sit on the street.I feel that one side warm Chinese society that I thought good intentions of people from being available It is a pity, but the cold was to glimpse.
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