U.S. Ambassador to grab the hearts of Chinese people, “action humble face though it is Chinese” – U.S. flower-shaped media

September 21, 2011, Beihanaji site and multi-Restoration hear is, humble and not like government officials Gary Faye lock arrived in Chu China U.S. ambassador as the first Chinese-American in August this year (駱家 bright) Mr. I was told that action was calm, and firmly grabbing the hearts of the Chinese.

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China Economic Weekly dated 20 September, was reported the situation in China lock ambassador arrived after.Among them, the lock ambassador’s family, Ropeway ride to the Great Wall, there was a state in a row too much 1 hour mingled the general public.

Critics of the magazine committee to analyze “face though it is Chinese – wash, cause the people of China have been fascinated by the lock Ambassador, because action is not a Chinese-style at all” and.Evaluation of media companies that other bills itself as may.

Where you have published on the net by copy how the last month, some Internet users are using the Starbucks coffee lock Ambassador with a discount ticket, become a big topic in China, lock ambassador became the person at the time of fame.

In addition, there is a custom with your own luggage lock ambassador, these points have also been perceived as a humility that unlike the government officials of China.If a senior Chinese official in the position equivalent to that of the lock ambassador, to have the luggage on their own and because impossible.

Phrase that you say, “waters for the people” of Mao Zedong, are reflected as a figment in the eyes of many Chinese.Therefore, in China, where officials of many run to corruption, attitude of calm humility, such as the general public of the lock ambassador has become a breath of fresh air.Now, lock ambassador has received favorable look of many Chinese.(Translation and editing / HA)