Uchida is the first time in three games win took the four points this season Schalke first assist …

Section 7 Bundesliga is carried out in the 24th, Schalke Japan representative DF Uchida Atsuto belongs emerged victorious at 4-2 and played against Freiburg FW Takaaki Yano belongs in the home.

bout Uchida played in the starting line-right-back, Yano became a bench outside, Schalke could allow the first goal in Freiburg from Kikkumisu of GK in 3 minutes.However, Raul Gonzalez exit the quick restart of Christian Fuchs in 33 minutes and hit a lob over the head of GK, Jeferuson-Farfán pushes in the head, Schalke leveled the score at 1-1 last.

Once in the second half, Schalke take the goal in quick succession.62 minutes, and a successful reverse Klaas Jan Huntelaar is combined in a head to cross Uchida, Farfán gives off a shot from dribble break through in 67 minutes, the third point indentation Lewis Holtby a place where GK is played.In 75 minutes, Raul took the fourth point from the path of waza-ari Jose Manuel Jurado, dictated the victory further.

Then, returned one point in Freiburg, but the end of the game as it is.Schalke had to hand the victory of the first time in three games.Uchida one assist plays a full participation of three consecutive games official game.

[Photo] = Bongarts / Getty Images

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