And no comment on the topic of SMAP [Hana-ryu] Chi Ling Lin, lover or

Taiwan media, catch the chance appearance Lin Ling to relax in the hotel’s cafe of (Lin Chi Ling).That responded with a smile and throw the question.

■ “Lin Ling (Lin Chi Ling)” photo feature

The Chi Ling you were chatting happily with friends while drinking champagne, it looked like private time, but during the actual shooting.You’re shooting “Now what are you content? It looks to the CM shooting of real estate …?When the question, “and replied quietly added,” does not say anything yet “Now.It is said performance fee of real estate is CM of Jilin, has exceeded 10 million Taiwan dollars (about 26 million yen) in China.

The Jilin being passed through a no comment to questions about the SMAP members also, the relationship between the 邱士 楷氏 catastrophe that was recently being said fiancee.It was a hug in the Golden Horse Awards ceremony of the “old days, but co-star movie filming is scheduled for October of” wealth spring Sankyo Diagram “, Andy Lau is the same at the time of reunion I do not know if you can be in contact with as.And that had a shy look and “I do not have the courage to hug now.

Chi Ling was asked to comment on the masochistic act Asahi of Jerry Yan approved language continued “stress and pressure accumulates, had hit the wall by hand” that is, suppose the next time this “topic stiffened look for a moment Sho.But it added, “do not let them eliminate stress, and with was showing attitude to worry about the bad condition of ex-girlfriend.

Spread and activities from the model to actress, Lin Chi-ling of remarkably active in various fields and movies, drama, stage · CM · documentary.After you went to see a fashion show in Milan and into the shooting of the movie.Smile that said, “in the sense that is constantly on the move, cabin attendant profession like” and shine, it’s seems to have been attractive.(Editors: Noha Takako yellow 珮君)