Winning strategy at the beach of summer beautiful woman target, and self-proclaimed geek with “RC Reality”?

The beach of summer open-minded, there are men diligently to Nampa and want to meet a woman.Will Aim, who lives in the United States was one of the men who envisaged a beautiful woman get on the beach, but wrecked his technique involves the use of radio control.He called “geek RC” itself seems to get a beautiful woman beautifully Taking advantage of good weapons.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Aim, who lives in San Diego, California near, radio control enthusiasts considerable.And put a small camera on the RC, such fun he can operate while watching the video.And this summer, in Newport Beach in California, he has succeeded in Nampa beautiful woman in the radio control equipped with a camera.

Video that contains the state “Geek Gets Girl part 1” Tonka Summit too “” ( has been posted at 20 August on YouTube.Aim, who came up with the Nampa in radio control with the intention of “little fun” was prepared RC Jeep $ 60 was successful bid online auction site “eBay” (about 4,600 yen).If you put a doll of Barbie and GI Joe in there, it is equipped with a transceiver and a small camera to GI Joe.He headed to start the radio control while in the house of the beach, emergency, and to look for beauty.

From the stage which was in the whole area of ​​lawn that extends in front of the house, everyone who had come to play to the beach is great attention to radio control.How the boy to follow in the eye, frolic vigorously chasing the radio control is also reflected young woman who was resting and lying, “car” little running and dashing to put a couple of doll’s center of attention completely.And stepped into the intense sandy beach of irregularities, and to run around freely to sew between the people, it has been discovered beauty of one who suffered the white hat that lie flat on the beach.

The RC to come out a mess, grab healthy women according to the “Hi!”.Aim, who began to hear the name Bunny using the transceiver obtains a response by advancing the conversation, was allowed to retreat into the house once the RC.And, scene towards the attack again not held a flower in GI Joe, are housed in ( Part 2 Now.

Now If you run into the source of her at full speed to put the flowers, the radio control that came at full speed bunny also had come back “?The happy with “.And started to walk about radio control depending on the invitation of Mr. aim after this, she got on the conversation completely was face-to-face for the first time with the aim, who was in the house.2 people and enjoy a date then, I repeat dating Newport Beach still, and that is enjoying a relationship with each other.

Aim who have succeeded with “RC Reality” is wonderfully beautiful “Bunny.If I rejoice, “he said most lucky in this world, Bunny’s comment that it” was fun ‘s “Reality is in the RC.Grasp firmly on the mind of Bunny who said, “He is a” nerd “but certainly, I do not care” also, this summer’s aim must have been made the best memories.