Serious fear street trees [tabloid show report of “lean to medium” and “aging”

Typhoon that hit the Kanto.Roadside tree many fell in Tokyo in the aftermath.In the program of (26 September 2011) this morning.In addition to verification why street trees or if it is being easily fall over and was spotlighted the impact of crops by No. 15 and No. 12 large air this fall.

Mino Monta moderator of the words “under the influence of typhoon No. 15, 270 street trees this was collapsed in Tokyo in our survey,” the first, the rear of the taxi that was waiting for the signal It introduces a photograph street trees fallen is bite.

We have fallen without a “sound of the taxi driver damage they have caused 6.7 million lines in the nation.I told the surprise of the moment that it “was found to be shocked thunk, and wham, street trees that came in fell dramatically.And, Interview with tree doctor Oshima passed the roadside trees diagnostic Association.

  Oshima is the thing that can be planted in high-growth period the majority of street trees of “Tokyo.Years have passed, Old.And warned that it “is probably the future, the number of fallen trees and go on increasing.Inoue Takahiro announcer “street trees 670 million copies have been planted all over Japan, but the other prefectures at the 1-position, are concentrated in densely populated areas, such as Osaka, Chiba and Tokyo, Aichi Looking at the prefecture” I told the.”

And bring some of the street trees fallen OKUDAIRA Kunihiko reporter in have to hand the debris of roadside trees that medium is in the cavity, and what has become such a “situation Minoga.I was amazed that this is outrageous whether “.

Then introduce the impact on agricultural crops by the typhoon in the program.It introduces how the brown rot by pests stink bug has spread to a wide range in the mandarin of Wakayama Prefecture.It was the first time reflects the disappointment of “take several years to return to the original” tangerine farmer Akio Sakamoto.

What supporting attitude of the country when such “‘s going on Minowa support a” pedantic “?When asked “said Inoue that if there are certain criteria”, construction costs of ¥ 400,000 or more it takes if farmland.Then, it was explained that “has become the inclination angle is 20 ° or less in slope.

“Orange grove is often slope of the mountain (Gakushuin special visiting professor) Yashio Keiko commentator.I knew the first time that’s outside the scope of support is more than 20 degrees is the angle.I showed the face and amazed to be “how say the support of such a real stickler.It seems propensity officials of this country thoroughly insists that fine.

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