Car fall = China on the banks suspect police officers to save the convoy during …

The 19th, the convoy of the suspect of injury case, one police officer and two assistant policemen fell on the banks of the vehicle was riding in Hubei.3 police officers and colleagues was seriously injured, but the suspect was a minor injury.The suspect asked for rescue and the like to contact acquaintance.Does not escape even then, it took care to accompany to the hospital.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

Hubei native, joined the brawl incident that occurred in Jiangxi Danyang city in 2010, the suspect was injured opponent.I was on the run as it is, but visits to the police station of Hubei province in response to the “call appearance to various criminal suspects,” police were carried out, was detained.

I was supposed to be one police officer and two assistant police officers were dispatched from Jiangxi, escort a suspect.Because you appear himself, and that was not over the handcuffs.

Police assistant driving, one police officer was sitting in the passenger seat.Police officers of one person sat down and suspect in the back seat.Control of the operation is not work on a slope on the way, the vehicle slipped the slope of the river bank and jump out the road.I think it has been rotated about “five times, according to police.And that “stopped in a location that has become flat in front of the river.

When an accident occurs, the suspect is asleep, defended by police officers who were next to and suppress the body of suspect in Tossa.The police officers were to incur such as cervical (cervical spine) fractures, the most severe injury.”When the car jumped out the way, instinctively the people who were next to, was pressed against the seat” and a veteran police officer for more than 20 years of service.

The suspect was a minor injury sometimes it was Kabawa to police officers, but three of the remaining seriously injured, that was barely crawling out of the car’s out have (is).

One police officer was determined to rescue signature that belong in the mobile phone, but in a faraway place from the city, it was expected to slow considerably in the field arrival.It was an accident It was birthplace near the suspect’s.I want to carry to the hospital as soon as possible “moment of state police officers Kaba~tsu suspects when the vehicle fall was so terrible considerably.Do not have an acquaintance in the vicinity.I asked the suspect to be “do not you contact.

With a look that startled, suspects that have contacted the home of relatives immediately.Soon, acquaintance of the suspect rushed in car.

His acquaintance with the suspect was transported to the hospital from the police.The suspect remains in the hospital, I took care of police officers.Although not asked separately, but that it has or has bought a police officer is likely to be eaten.

According to one of the police officers injured, there is a rule for the behavior of the suspect in the accident when the convoy in the possibility that on the grounds that “saved the police officers without escape”, bail is observed that high.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)