“Was not able to join the game” both teams lowest Rating Italian paper, Morimoto

Serie A Section 5 is performed on the 25th, Novara Japan Takayuki Morimoto representative FW belongs was lost 1-2 to play against Atalanta in Away.

It was Morimoto you entangled in two goals, and produce a large Venus Intel game of the previous section, became the starting lineup played three consecutive games, but this day was a middle shift to 61 minutes without a highlight.

Give the lowest Thailand through both teams for Morimoto, “5”, Italy paper “Gazzetta dello Sport” has issued a harsh assessment that it “was not able to join the game”.

In addition, Man of the Match of Novara has become Jada who participated on behalf of the Morimoto, it has become a frustrating result for Morimoto.

Morimoto not winning streak lost to Atalanta change the way … Novara are not entwined in scoring
“Happy with the can of Morimoto” Novara director of Venus from Intel
Italian magazine give an estimate of the constant praise … Intel Nagatomo the Novara Morimoto
Novara full participation Venus … Nagatomo Intel creates Morimoto, two goals
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