[Column] Terano Noriko Uchida Atsuto, new battle (2)

If you join the club you have finished off period and representative game,.Marco Hoger Newest (21 years old) was standing on the right side back by itself was playing.

To proceed with new “season, it should acquire players that coach wants to guidance, the players liked.A new battle begins and again Once so.It was a situation of the street that Uchida had been told last season off of their position is “do not think Nantes’s peace.

The game in the first leg Auei Europa League play-off for the first time starting this season.It was appointed in the left-back.
“There was no indication from the director, and with a feeling to not have to appeal firmly, I tangled goal to actively”
However, the speculation fails, the result is defeat.The landslide victory with 6-1 second leg at home 25 August, was played in 78 minutes.
“You’re a defensive player coming out from the middle, it was aware that he end the game firmly to read Donokono”
The attack Farfán right MF that played the opening could not keep injury, the right side of Schalke break from the relationship of Raul, can not be still in Heger still.The attack was born simply because it Uchida.
Capture the title Uchida overwhelmingly rating in this game.

It then starting in 28 days vs. Borussia MG game August that follows, and contributed to the scoreless game for the first time this season, but it leaves the team with representative training camp, it becomes bench start again.Still, that it lost to Wolfsburg lower in the game, expectations for Uchida of supporters was Taka~tsu.

Voice of praise from supporters have soared to enter the season “Uschi” and “Uschi”.Voice of expectations, which had been raised from team mate as well as supporters
Uchida that had been said, “Uschi If you get Ribery not it that to get × × × × today” and from fellow.× × × It is said that “words can not be in the mouth in public places” and borrow the words of Uchida.

Uchida went into the right-back as Ribery measures are against Bayern game of September 19 that following the Europa League opener, was greeted.

I thought you and I’ll stop absolutely “If that guy comes to the left.You do not think is done if one-to-one.But becoming difficult Sonaruto …… I started changing the position gradually ”

Schalke lost 0-2 to Bayern before the football high degree of perfection.Uchida, recalls, “I began to think of the Manchester United game like”.Two runs in the first half only Allowing preemptive at the counter since it was picked up for a loose ball in the set play Schalke.Had a chance of attack to Schalke, but I could not decide.There is no love in Bavaria since the two-point lead.sense when protecting and if all the attack has been unified.

I’m in Germany such a good “club.Last year and I was doing without thinking (laughs).I reviewed the German football ”

Bayern as well as Germany, it is counted as one of the top European clubs.It says it happily excitement touched the powerhouse of true.That said, chagrin of the things you lose does not disappear.

“I was going I knew the meaning of it that leave the game with two consecutive games”

That’s why it burned that it is not allowed to work on Ribery.However, since you have lost the game, evaluation of Uchida of local paper the next day was not so high.You forgave it in play even if, by being moved, choreographed it or not the Uchida? Such evaluation will also leave.Even had to containment in organizations that spun by the power of the individual players and passing mark would otherwise.It’s a result results.

“It hurts here and there in the body, fellow eyes Ribery”
To talk with Uchida finished the crew down the game the next day.He was walking to dragging the body.
I when you play in “before, Ribery did not move an inch even if I hit Bonn.The wonder is strong trunk no matter how.Much I thought it was me or not you also contains an iron plate.Though it was the same yesterday.Laugh happily Ribery is “I was a little staggered If I hit a few times.
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