Fuji TV demo voice with Minarae Korean and if it is longer Mote jaundice ugly man

For the “real intention of the woman”, Mr. Kitahara Minori for women adult toy of “Love Peace Club” representative will speak to readers writer.Second time about “the Han Kan-ryu Demo”.(Interviewer = Kanda Noriyuki)


– Was accustomed to clean sex “Ann Ann new publication of Mr. Kitahara?Among the (Asahi Shimbun Publishing published) “, it touches on people who would eliminate the people who disagree with their.Do you think that way also Han Kan-ryu demo?

I think in the background, and the human relationship of specific not investigated thoroughly that the opinion is different from others: Kitahara.For example, even if I talk in seminars and lectures, young people I do not come to the question at all.”This, not a place you want to hear and speak to a little provocative?Even though I think “, I keep silence.

It got to bypass without depressed values ​​of human.And that I have that you do not talk with friends that deepened the 30’s and early 20’s.To comfort Once dumped, but, such as talk of marriage such as the story of life, sense of values ​​from being out it will be very cautious.The parry as “Yeah” and If you get.Values ​​can be different and will not be able to hit it.

If you are really scared that the values ​​are shifted with people, and want to attack if you shift into reverse.I feel that the stress is coming straight will in the world of net.I’m really poor, because people do not believe.

– Rather than just to say bad things about the net, I was tied to the behavior of the demo.

Kitahara: The action that there is a force to gather Fuji TV It was a surprise.I’m believe, their the “justice”.There is no such as embarrassment such as guilt feeling that you shout “bad Korean feeling”.When you are able to capture the objective of yourself, do you not that embarrassing.It ‘s I thought it was from being able to act in making a Japanese flag it and I wish it would be unprecedented.Mon I have I thought it was me and not contaminate such as such as the national anthem Kimigayo (laughs).

While referred to as the “read the air”, that my I guess not visible at all to the people.I also was told from well such as jaundice of Cottbus, the Tteyuu such as jaundice ugly men and I’m a stormy (laughs).

But I man, because a woman tease myself is not happy I’m a bad (laughs).Because it is the great curse of Te ugly man such as Mr. Motenai.And I think I’m a power-oriented because it is ugly everyone I Japanese politicians.I think the politics of this country and I wish I would not change politicians Twink is not increased.

– Do you have or are such as advice or “I Motel I get this” in the ugly man’s Kitahara?

Kitahara: I do not do Cha said this Hmm, but Mr. Motenai I wonder if I become so popular among?

– Terrible (laughs).

Kitahara: Te Motenai Mr. But Moteru I get this! Do you not you are reading such books like Mote.But I do mon Mase Mote roughly when you run.It will say, should I Minarae perfusion.And hear properly such as the story of people, and such as to an interesting story.

There was such as my polish is a woman, but a man I’m also is good I get.It is no use or “Look at yourself naked”.In a neatly such as hair, you should try.Han Kan-ryu demo Nantes, probably cries of people that can not be positive yourself somewhere.

Is not it scary ugly is such as it is to be respected.Because it is impossible such as talking like her have found a woman the way I am, and white effort is made to clean.Nantes “Train Man”, Because it is a myth.Such as there are woman Can you think great somewhere, it is not if you write that I was wearing braces on the net! No!

[Mr. Kitahara Minori Profile] Born in 1970.In addition to adult goods shop for women of “Love Peace Club” representative, I do also literary activities.I was accustomed to clean sex “Ann Ann in new book?(Asahi Shimbun Publishing published) “.