Chinese men to the training vigorously at “Dragon Ball” level

Can not start it hard to Omoita~tsu as “! Must exercise”.Those who have given up to be “also started too late” them too? Would not than come.It’s good news for such people.Middle-aged man with a China begins to exercise since I was 50 years old, so it’s got a strong body (madman) in six years only.Has become a hot topic the way is too creative.

Small park of Zhejiang China (Zhejiang) Shaoxing City, famous for its Shaoxing rice wine.ShokaminariPyo name of the topic of men’s (Shorai leopard) ‘s.

Every day, you can handstand on the ground the fist of one hand in these and bicyclist with handstand on which they are linked by a rubber band and bicycles body, he is engaged in a training and suspended in the chain that has been installed in the park sometimes.There is also training that do not know the effect on the amateur, but it seems to be under load equivalent.

The training method is reminiscent of the training scene of this cartoon “Dragon Ball”, said that he became a body that it is possible to break bricks with bare hands.

According to the various san, he is 56 years old this year.It’s so began training since I was 50 years old.Event state of the town already his daily routine.A lot of people are coming to visit every day.If you become to be seen in person, fighting spirit enters more, or even ideas will not be clear for further.

Training methods of his own way only.I can not recommend that you imitate Some dangerous.However, would not the me that he is not too late to start that nothing happened that.The person just starting a movement, it would be do not you try to start it from today to tomorrow without saying a.

Ref: ring and ball Network (Chinese)

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