Paying overtime pay! — Groupon employees get angry

What could be caused by your action a “Groupon” to everyone.

It’s an example of the ad above, but it’s atmosphere when you use the Groupon, discount considerable and possible.First, let’s excerpt from the Wikipedia description of “Groupon”.
The Groupon (Groupon), is a US-based company that is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States, operated by joint purchase type coupon site “Groupon”.
Andrew Mason, CEO by (Andrew Mason), was founded in November 2008.Sales in 2010 are estimated 350 million dollars (about 30 billion yen), [2], 35 million people use operations in (August 2010) 29 countries of America, Europe and Asia have.
Expressed the Japanese market in August 2010 Groupon [2].Same month, it is assumed that the Japanese subsidiary of Groupon by the acquisition of Kupoddo that ran a joint purchase type coupon site, was changed to Groupon Japan, Inc. its name to October 1.
You would think after reading only this, that it is expanding steadily, but the business, has been reported that this.
And as a failure to pay for overtime pay, the employee who has complained of Groupon.Employing more than 1,000 people in August is, has complained of a Groupon for the same reason already, it’s going to be a major obstacle to the business of Groupon future.
Recently, the top of the sales department not only left the Groupon chief operating officer, to it, issue initial public offering of (IPO) is also pending a special method of accounting is causing.This accounting method has not been adopted in other companies, the costs used to attract customers and marketing activities to a significant expense for the company is not included in the accounting.Groupon is, because the state and pay a bonus of our top management team with cumene funds of 900 million $ 50 million addition, it is questionable how much does continue after that this.(Note: 800 million $ 10 million of the 900 million $ 50 million is allocated in the bonus of top management.)
Has been written in such readers.

You have two or three coupons Groupon not yet expired “, but this looks good is better to use immediately.(Lethe’s) ”

(Source: Groupon
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