Airy Arisugi … nature is such a tent full view

The thing is that sleep outside, such as camping, has the advantage of being able to fully taste the natural.

Nevertheless, the view of the outside world because they’d be blocked tents, views of the outside does not look good When you are on the inside.

So, I would like to stay clearly visible clearly is “outside, in a place like this?There was a picture that sheds and questions “.

[I see the image]
Outside looks good mess!

… At the same time, I do a full view from the outside, but the futuristic design is not it cool.

Such as whether the safety, durability is all right?I think that you want to hear all sorts are mountains, but the people who answer YES If you are asked whether I want to stay here and I think we not a few.

To the questions with this image, we will introduce you to extract a comment overseas site.

· I feel that wearing a raincoat though, are under the shower.

• When you want to camp, I was in search of something that need not breathe the fresh air of the forest terrible, but it was found at last.

-I have never seen the tent of transparent.

· I want to hear from the sounds of nature, why you like to sleep in the woods, may make it butchery.

– I do show off more naturally where it is a shameless act full.

· It is anxiety or not to bear Nantes, had been attempting to break five and I woke up.

-Such as serial killer.

· I be Spider-Man.

-There are puma’s around here, but I met share the same feelings.

· Because living in the UK, that’s badger.

Kana Bieber here because it is Canada.

• The I think we also amazing condensation.It might not be seen at all Te cloudy.

– I thought it was because it was written with bubble wrap bubble wrap, bed and whether the so.I’m afraid.

As for me, a woman, I wonder if this thing contraceptives like feel what feel.It can be seen what’s makes me happy, but the experience itself is not necessarily the same.

-I want to stay outside they become plastic hard, if not a like Saran Wrap.It is a place of subtle or more artificial, what more natural.

I do not know that it does not stop the fact or comfortable, but I would not it taste the feeling of opening expansive.

Would you sleep in this? Bubble Bed Surrounded by Nature

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