“Celebrate the major earthquake in Japan” banner, what do you think in Korea [BBS] soccer?

The bulletin board portal site in Korea of ​​”Daum”, article of national daily report on that in the game of football, it was banners written to be “celebrate the earthquake in Japan” Korean supporters was published.

The 27th, the second leg quarter-final of Cerezo Osaka and Jeonbuk Hyundai Asian Champions League was held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium in South Korea, Jeonbuk fan of some “celebrate the earthquake in Japan” I have raised the banner that says.After the game, etc. send a protest letter to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) side, turmoil occurs Cerezo Osaka side.

In contrast, various opinions were received.Below, translated the Japanese writing by the Korean.Rustic and impressions of the editorial department in ().


● main thread: Daum national daily has reported, “in a banner and celebrate the earthquake in Japan, Japan furious” about what I think?


● or to be said in Japan that there was a big earthquake like that? Mental state or decent noodles.You should be ashamed of yourself.

● terrible field like there is terrible, but supporters of Japan I’m also listed the Rising Sun flag.

● to support a crowd of Japanese with the Rising Sun flag is a symbol of World War II, the war of aggression So Lee author Is it all right?

● at the time of the expedition Osaka competition silent during performance last time, there was the Order of the Rising Sun flag she?The (It is thought that there was no)

● What supporters of Par Korea’m on earth.I will quit you to the action of low level.

● Erie monk little degree has expired.and (I think as not far from a little)

● The absence of Mongirurasoda sensible Japan Korea same.

● whether there was that the people of our country super rookie was good manners until now?Manners’ s shit.On the other hand, when there is shelling Yeonpyeong Island incident in South Korea, but it had also Japanese and toyed to say salute.It is also a breach of manners.By human life is concerned, and to provoke other nations there is a problem.

● I get embarrassed really a national of the Republic of Korea runaway angel.Level of dog level.Earthquake or to celebrate?Let imposing economic growth and national level game.(Among the ill of Korean, epithets humiliating most, is a word that contains “dog”)

● Japanese and a burst of Don Quixote nuclear power plant, and sprinkled the radioactivity, it is live while pretending nothing.

● The intention to be represented by Park Chan Byun Korea, We need to see anyone’s complexion.To the damage of the earthquake, South Korea was supported by humanitarian.It caused a territorial dispute when you grieve together, was a subterfuge to comfort women issue.The national character you do not know how to reflect at all, I give what the tolerance.

● When the lprr Great Kanto Earthquake, Japanese or apologized that it has the ethnic slaughter our?

● Japanese people friendly also turn their backs to this action in Japan in Java historical consciousness.The gouge and scratch the country’s other.When the subway accident happened in South Korea, some Internet users in Japan, the same as it was commented that “Daegu subway disaster celebration”.Thinking of people should not be ill-advised as this.

● It’s guys can not be classified as a good thing and charisma, that bad.And to utilize the political purpose of sport, Anna races we.

● I hope to hear the good feelings to Japan rose-like South Korea.But it is not that normal in Korea.

(Editors: Lee Nobue Koji Yamaguchi)