Among the foundation of NTT body fluctuates or Uchidaseru the raison d’etre Institute – lowdown NTT true value of the net era is asked of “R & D system” (below)

The Institute of NTT, as long as it does not remain in senior management, such as Institute, there is an unwritten rule that honorable retirement at 50 years of age before and after.Since the admission in one’s mid-20s through the doctoral and master’s and postgraduate courses, period you can remain researchers active duty and a little ’20.On the other hand, enters the era of the Internet since the days of telephone, NTT body is forced to re-build the business foundation.Following the last time, it was closing in on real image of the Institute on the other side of the veil.
(“Weekly Diamond” Editorial pond TomiHitoshi)

The NTT, or not does not need any other Institute.Do not should I bought me the technology ─ ─.

Even from the NTT Group, a negative voice such is now out.The cause, it is the rise of the Internet that has become extremely popular in Japan in the late 1990s.

Engage in communication business, technology-based OB of certain NTT, rather than draw the grand design of the system, the Institute of “NTT is fallen so low in patchwork develop (part) of the” small group “still The lament that it “had.

To changes in the new tide of the Internet originated in the United States, instead of ambush in the technical capabilities of NTT-specific, but you’ve also selected to ride in the flow, NTT is, because he ended up lowering the existence value of their own rather.

Still, the entire NTT Group, I am using the R & D expenses on a scale of 300 billion yen annually.Management of the Institute, and funds and money paid to the government (NTT East and West, NTT Communications, NTT DoCoMo, NTT data) from the five major, organized by NTT reorganization of ’99, and orders received from the Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications make.

A different far to be included in the research and development expenses, but, for example 725.3 billion yen of Toyota Motor Corporation (2010), 426.8 billion yen of Sony (same), 395.1 billion yen of Hitachi, Ltd. (same), ¥ 462 billion in the U.S. IBM ( Even compared with the like), by NTT is not protrude.The ratio of R & D expenses as a percentage of consolidated net sales of NTT, it can not be said that 2.6% (FY2010), 2.7% so (fiscal 2009), it is more so.

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