Demise of Russian AK-74

According to the Russian paper Izvestia, this year, Russian Defense Ministry has stopped purchasing kind Kalashnikov automatic rifle, which is a firearm that is designed in the former Soviet Union, is the most popular in the world (AK) of “AK74”.Because the accumulation from the Soviet era is more than enough in the army, that it is policy not to a covenant with the manufacturer of high-performance improved until they are more developed.The AK74, the Soviet army was adopted in 1974 as the successor of the gun AK47 that was spread throughout the world with a simple structure and reliable operation.Dew Ijumashu company that manufacture the AK is faced with the need to hurry the development of improved and the development of new large buyer.Photos (see article Moscow Ryosuke Endo) on the successor to the AK-74 AK-47 under (91 years old) designed to help developers Kalashnikov when young

Full of world production since in Russia in 1947, assault automatic rifle that also operates in the land of extreme cold, even in the land of burning, even with the muddy water, Kalashnikov gun Kalashnikov rifles (AK-47 first generation) Russia It is said to have sold off more than 100 million guns alone.A gun a typical terrorist gangs and around the world to use, AK-47 has been bootlegged and licensed production in many countries still.

Fedorov M1916 Russia in 1916 was adopted by the (top), the start of this gun development StG44 (assault rifle) (bottom) Germans saw this then in imitation.

Germany after the surrender, and detained Schmeiser, (below), it’s was the development and design Mikhail Kalashnikov of Russia, infantry automatic rifle capable of fully automatic fire, was the birth of the Kalashnikov gun.The armory of Russia, this gun seems to have been stockpiling tens of years, but still, for the development of the transition to the new style gun, say it plans to sell as soon as possible.It’s annoying at all story, but it comes to roses sown in the world cheaply in large quantities for stock.

Kalashnikov, who developed the design in alive in Russia still at the age of 91, because it could commit suicide in shock if I tell discontinuing production of this gun, That it is consideration that is not news to him the time being, there’s concern that lean one’s head to one side,,. Prize of reference article reference article quiz automatic rifle Somalia