Sex I met on the net women love usually

The other day, I will talk of etch with a woman I met on the Internet. In women who are engaged in research of a certain company, “Do not would be female intellectuals fairly. It? Wonder if all placed our glasses such as the lid of the milk bottle maybe” and the like, the woman, seriously up before meeting I have imagined such a woman. But because I was a woman he met in a chat naughty, I was very anxious to meet is to be honest. But everywhere when you see it there in fact, it was ordinary woman. Such as pretty amazing, such as cute amazing, it was not the kind of person, but it was ordinary woman in its own way.

Meeting the main entrance of the Marui Ueno. Phone has been applied to the mobile phone, which had been contacted in advance by about 40 minutes.

“Sorry I’m late. Work is not quite end.”
“It is good! Where are you now?”
“Which of the following call from a public telephone in the front entrance of Marui.”
“Well, since the walk there, followed by story as it is!”

While so good, and walked to where there is a public phone, I was able to finally face-to-face with her.

“Well, shall we go What do you do now? Where?”
“I leave it.”
“I want to drink a little bit it! Beer it hot today but!”
“Well, go hotel, so you drink in the room!”

To say so, I went by train to the station of Uguisudani next. Have been full of couples headed to the hotel and get off from the train station, we even walked into the hotel as if mingle in it Uguisudani. We toast and retrieval beer, with two people by opening the refrigerator Nari get to the room.

“Cheers for good work!”
“But did not have to overdo it! It was hard work”
She replied while blushing a little, “No, because I had promised, and! Had good luck” he said.
“Well, you can either try to enter the bath!”
“Well, I is from entering first, and called at a later time on!”

Then I was so after work, and stripped off his shirt Y, I went to the bathroom.

“Hey. Over of does not enter yet?”
“I’ll go now”

She came into the bathroom after a while.

You will not be able to put up with when you wash the body of each other in the bathroom, I have to wash her ​​back, and touched her breasts from behind, and showing their face to look back to back, she kissed. To kiss while entangled tongue, I was raised to caress so as to sandwich a finger her nipples.

“I could not stand”
“I also wanted to really”
“I suppose you go to bed continues!”

Wipe the body with bath towel lightly, we move on to bet to say so. Place your bets on the waist, as if covering over her, I began to kiss again with his back to her. In the texture that will melt, more and more of the cock I went larger. As entangled while the tongue, and the taste or the taste of the saliva of each other, we repeated the kiss To soggy. The slide into the chest of her left hand, I was raised to caress across your finger on the nipple as at the time of the bathroom earlier.

Pant voice leak her lightly, my voltage will bump more and more. Continue to caress and which is crawl tongue nipples as prey starving her body is or stick.

“This is good”
“It’s like licked nipples you?”
“Yeah, really like”

Was sandwiched between lips nipples, I was shaking and trembling or to say so. You can also licking enough to touch lightly on the tip of one’s tongue around the nipple, or poked the nipple on the tip of one’s tongue, I lick it as flipping a nipple on the tip of one’s tongue sometimes. She also no longer bear to keep the reason indeed, we continue to transform myself like a hungry animal sex. She grips the cock of my own, I will begin to caress.

“Oh, I’ll say. I’m penis enthusiast!”
“Yeah, really like”
The “I’m good. Because it’m usually, Become a more etch”
“Going to be a mess”

Lower the trunks of me, she’ll be touching your dick raw to say so. Probably because the body had been in close contact, with like was hard to move the hand, but still squeezing me up and down the cock.

“Suck me?”

For me she moved to the part of the crotch of my saying so, has been on his back, I lick staring me in the up-from-under look.

“Yeah, juice are everywhere again, then ahead! Very delicious.”
“You will be!”

With pursed lips, she or sucking in the mouth part of the ball at times while saying so.

“The idea is like I’ll lick! Can be cunnilingus this time?”
“Yeah, it’s me licking?”
“I say! I, to cunnilingus, because it is love!”

I filled the face in the pussy that is already wet to say so, I gained scooped tongue to taste the love juice. The tongue lick the whole tongue is caught in the sometimes clitoris, I was thoroughly enjoy the taste. Then, when the lick licking to peck at the tongue clitoris, to roll on the tip of one’s tongue, pant voice she will change into a scream. Not answer at all to my question, I can only see as are endured in pleasure. And soon as you caress the clitoris to the work of my favorite trick was talking to her in advance, she screamed.

The “die! Well! By stopping!!”
“Want You stop?”
“No!! Will die!!”

Because do not you answer to my question at all, I stick Sucking strongly clitoris further, and gives vibration shaking from side to side face.
Look at the expression of pain that indulgences such pleasure of her, I will not be able to endure, to stop the cunnilingus, and went with sunk into her cock that was Ikirita~tsu.
Because it was wet and more than enough, and went to sink deep into the back without any discomfort at all.
Insert in the missionary position orthodox, it will continue down the waist.
I also will continue to increasingly excited while watching penis is are you out of the pussy of her.

“Oh, good! Has entered!”
“It is tangled and the pussy? Probably contains full”
“I want all the way, all the way”
“Do you want all the way so much?”

I had her legs to say so, and went to sink the waist her deeply at the bending posture. And I rolled thrust Switch to the station lunch of good posture, or thrust violently from the bottom, sound like echoes in the room as “bread” in the back Turning to bet again. Upsets pine needles, last rolled stab at the bending posture while kissing is changed one after another missionary position, body position, two people I have the ends. Because wore the rubber at this time of course, white liquid came in plenty in the condom.

“I got out full! Have you been staying?”
The “do not accumulate, but your pussy is because was great!”
“I had thought I … Thank you. Whether also really die …”
“I do so much felt good. I’m glad I also me and said so!”

And, we left the hotel to take a shower again at the end.

Then, e-mail came from her, “work became so busy, there is no way to meet a little likely.
While also said that it “looks forward to meeting you, contact is I have lost.
I know the number of mobile phone of course, but that you do not dare contact.
So as not to Shimawa bother.

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