Nanjing = stick to the river to drive crazy about … kiss in new car “she” was placed

At around 4 pm on the 27th, passenger car while driving slammed into the river in Jiangsu Province Nanjing suburbs.The was driving in the 28-year-old man, was a way to send to the house of the woman lover (23 years) in the car shortly after I bought.Oncoming vehicle is approaching a crazy kiss, but it was delayed to notice.Where you turned the steering wheel in a hurry, and jumped out of the way.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

Two people about three months from the time you first dating.It was the way that after the birthday of the woman at the hotel, men sent by passenger car.Man that had just purchased a passenger car.

Passage of people and car less, the scene of the accident the road along the river.Outlook is good, but did not notice the oncoming vehicle is crazy about kiss.Where you turned the steering wheel in a hurry and from fairly close, the car fell into the river and jump out of the way.

River without so deep, two men escaped on their own.Men injured sew three stitches to the head, that there needs to be slapped the waist, to treat it in the hospital for a while women.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)