The table of the primary problem, I will also try to discuss right-wing leftist Nonpori also be in attendance!

Once, it was one that Speaking of anti-nuclear-nuclear phase exercise is carried out by people who called leftist mainly.the distance between the right wing and the Liberal Democratic Party for many years, was on the seat of government was close.Therefore, I think the right wing is hard to criticize the nuclear power plant system is to promote, by itself, make criticizing the nuclear power plant, as has become one of the activities that symbolize the anti-establishment leftist is to reverse.

The first place, also left right also is not in the primary problem.If you look at the history and subsequent accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant of this time, a lot of people do not think so.Nuclear accident occurs.Radioactivity is diffused.Person is no longer able to live close to the region, industry to decline.Work is no longer.Reputational damage occurs.Processing of nuclear power plant was melt down is extremely difficult.

Nuclear accident is happening, is not even one good thing Nantes.However, to tolerate the construction of such a nuclear power plant, we’ve been consuming electricity where it is made.Wonder why I suddenly so.Power plants, such as would be totally messed up If you encounter an accident, why would some in Japan 54 groups.That we can do now, that you reconsider such a background and history.And is that in order not to repeat the same mistake, have it out with what to do now.

The seat of the discussion, who I can have.Right wing also leftist Nonpori also be attended to, and discuss the future of nuclear power plant.Also “labor movement”, “revolution” and “anti-American patriotic” and “Hinomaru” is also, let us set aside for the time being now.The common theme “How to nuclear power” and is carried out in a manner beyond the ideological conflict and thought.Primary problem is I showed a certain degree of convergence, then shouting “revolution” again, we have set the “Hinomaru” and curse each other, Is not that good to each other and criticism.

I was hoping a little author to dream such a thing, and, I think we sometimes nuclear accident this is an opportunity, such Daidodanketsu like right-wing and left-wing was limited to primary problem.However, it seems not to have been so.After all, people left to act on the hardening relatives in their own right-wing people who had thought to be reluctant to anti-nuclear-Nuclear Power.

Among such, “Nuclear Power meeting and demonstration to think of right” was held in the bridge on September 18.It was sponsored by, Harigaya Daisuke’s volunteer army united front chairman.I said that this meeting & Demo Suzuki Kunio’s Ichisuikai top adviser also took part, and the thing that right-wing-led, so to speak.That said, from the motto of “! Protect the Uruwashiki mountains and rivers and the life of children”, extreme ideology radical ideology nor feel.The appearance of the meeting and demonstration, I think because it has been reported in detail in the article titled Nuclear Power! Even “right-wing, and if you can read if you are interested in the 4 Oct. of” Weekly SPA! “.

Speaking of Harigaya’s participation in the “demo Stop it Shinjuku primary” which was hosted by the from “Ran amateur” on June 11 even though was decided, opposition from certain organizations to stop participating suddenly due you know would also be the one many reviews were.The Harigaya san, are saying “not related to ideology in the event of an emergency,” “right of the left also is not in the nuclear phase much trouble” (“Weekly SPA!” The same item, page 24) and now.I would like to support this statement.

Also right, and people such pressure groups like that revealed in the retirement drama of Shinsuke Shimada-san you are certainly.However, some people who are showing an attitude that compromise beyond the idea such as Suzuki and Mr. Harigaya, with respect to primary problem.What about the people that kind of right-wing, without having to put a label you can dislike it “It’s suicide clothes, Gaisen’s car,” said left-wing people also Try dating.Once again, right also left also because he is not in the primary problem.(Tanigawa Shigeru)