True meaning “there is a sense of unfairness” of 10.41 million yen Prime Minister Noda NHK average reward?

It was introduced ¥ 10.41 million average compensation of NHK staff,’s ¥ 6.58 million average compensation of the state civil service in responding to questions in the Diet.The Democrats questioner, health insurance rates are the numbers I came out in the relatively lower as “endowed”, complain, “It is the Democratic Party to rectify the injustice” The NHK.

September 28, 2011, Mr. Mitsuru Sakurai of the Democratic Party took the question in the House of Councillors Budget Committee.The average remuneration (the basis for insurance) and insurance rates, were positive difference known as an employee from the National Public Service Mutual Aid and NHK, the small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the “Association of Health Insurance”.

According to the plea of ​​Yoko Komiyama Health, Labour and Welfare phase of 6.58 million yen from NHK average reward of the state civil service, 5.35% premium rate, average 10.41 million yen reward, NHK national civil servants 6.58 million yen and 6.71%.9.34%, was 3.71 million yen in the Association of Health Insurance.Both seem a number of 2010.It is not mentioned in the average age.

By the way, did not come out in the Budget Committee, but 7.67%, number National Federation of Health Insurance Societies such as large companies to participate in the (Kenporen) is, it is ¥ 5,360,000 According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Sakurai said, seems to think there is a difference in the health rates is unfair, the burden ratio of the individual business owners and that is equally, basic 62% employer in NHK , did on also pointed out’s 38% personal,

“(NHK staff) are so blessed.I claimed, “said the Democratic Party is to correct the injustice of these insurance burden.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda was asked to answer said the impression “As far as hear the numbers now, I think again there is much opening, and Na there is a sense of injustice” and.

It is not clear Noda Prime Minister has felt the “unfair”, Is it only for the difference between the premium rate, is whether the entire including average reward.

However, to deliver an article Sankei Shimbun summarizes these exchanges to September 28 evening, on the net, is 10.41 million yen average reward, or not too got while conscription “received fee pointed out the spirit and “has one after another.Interest seems to have gathered in the person of the amount of average reward than the difference of health rates.There was also a voice saying “do not mind it because do not pay subscription fee” is in.

NHK “from the special nature of the broadcasting business, non-standard work is often” ¥ 10.41 million average compensation of NHK is, I wonder if a “too got”.

For example, whether commercial broadcasting.According to (16 issue July 2011) business magazine, Weekly Diamond, the average annual income of the top listed companies in 2010, first place overall 13.83 million yen Asahi Broadcasting Corporation in Osaka.At the 5-position “TBS HD” commercial broadcasting appearing next ¥ 13,380,000.Below, followed by 13.33 million yen in Japan 6 TV, with 12.75 million yen 9 of TV Asahi.HD TV Tokyo’s 12.34 million yen 14 of.

NHK’s outside the scope of the rankings.If you simply compare the “10.41 million yen”, resulting in the calculation, which is located at position 32 of the lower per bit of (10.44 million yen) Mitsubishi Estate at position 30.

In summary, (to join the Japan Broadcasting Corporation Health Insurance Association) is NHK staff, there is an annual income of less than 1.6 times than the national civil service average, but will be that, cheaper than commercial broadcasting.

When I heard Japan Broadcasting union officials of management other than the NHK to participate in (Japan Broadcasting Labor Union), “does not know the figure of 10.41 million yen, average compensation” is not a position to “comment It was answered that “.

According to the NHK Department of Public Information, the “¥ 10.41 million average compensation”, such as commuting expenses standards and wages are also included.In addition,

“In NHK, from the special nature of the broadcasting business, such as responding to disasters and incidents reports, overtime, late-night, non-standard work, such as holiday work a lot, average compensation has become a level higher than the general company” and I also showed thought.

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