“I want to die early” to talk to a Japanese man entrainment Taiwan entertainer of illegal stay the airport in Taiwan

Japanese men in their 40s calling himself ZhongZheng that in the country illegally to Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan, is a Taiwan media headlines.Mr. ZhongZheng is spelled blog to the status of illegal stay in Taiwan from September 7, September 26, the topic he was reported “Lost In Beijing Daily (APPLEDAILY)” in the newspaper of Taiwan.

I can Japanese to stay for 90 days without a visa to Taiwan.Because it was celebrated the day 90 to September 6, ZhongZheng he became a illegal immigrant.Mr. ZhongZheng money was also exhausted at the time not just because I was going to receive a disposition to report that it is an overstay at the airport.However, it is reported that it is illegal stay in the immigration station of the airport, said, “The method of nothing” and the woman in charge, illegal aliens living like movies like “Terminal” has had to start.

By the way, as a punishment of Taiwan for illegal stay, it would be a fine of 2,000 yuan and imposed, but no such course is money to him now.

Undocumented life after starting, and noted that it “wants to die soon” to blog, as returned to Japan in the first place “, the better to see the hell.Without a job without a home, a friend that seems to bear also not think of.There is a life that should protect everyone.A family.It’s able to help myself was in such a tramp, I just friend of Taiwanese.Wrote only one, are in Okinawa Japanese friends reporting the recent e-mail, but also “met in Taiwan with him.

This blog has been attracting attention in Japan To gradually through such as a two-channel, but the comments to the Japanese ZhongZheng Mr. retrospective’s caustic.and a thing called “Do not waste it”, even though there is not much money in hand, it is found to be of “Wait a minute and, Kola” and like to refer to the fact that drinking alcohol just to tepid, who work.

On the other hand, the reaction of the Taiwanese people and to say, as the Japanese not seen anything vitriolic.Of course, some “to be deported soon” and “…… the Japanese economy is also what has become so far,” but, Nantes live in a “little money in hand, the legendary golden! Suddenly”.Called “Na’s ¥ 10,000 life like a month”, and what Japan hands really, I was seen to comment when the “Taiwanese were illegal stay at the airport of Japan, the number of days stay as such as” I wonder possible.

In addition, recently, that Omoneshin vocal rock band very popular to collect audience of tens of thousands of units in China and Taiwan “Mayday” has sent a message to ZhongZheng Mr. through Twitter also become a hot topic.This is an opportunity in spite of the fact that in trouble even in money ZhongZheng Mr. dining, it has had wrote in a blog that I went to see 3D movie heaven starring May the “Mayday (Mayday) 3DNA”.Knowing this fact, Omoneshin vocal heaven May is impressed.To (the nickname of Mr. ZhongZheng in Taiwan) SakuraHanaotoko, I was tweeted the phrase “I want to Ogo~tsu a beer now”.

Touch the warm feelings of the people of Taiwan and this comment, feeling that “I want to die soon” is fading as the first, ZhongZheng also said, began to spell the blog a positive feeling.

Heck, this turmoil or to end in any form.By using also involving entertainer of Taiwan, it seems more and more attention.

● 2011/9/7 ~ Taiwan illegally Trip Report

※ blog image than “illegal 2011/9/7 – Taiwan Trip Report”

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