Thing now, and that unemployment in the local [special report] America

As problems faced by the U.S. economy, there is a persistently high unemployment rate, and said that well-known.However, people in general are either placed in what kind of situation actually, you do not have a vanity in Japan.Reality is harsh and far beyond the imagination of many Japanese probably.I will send you a report from the local.(Reporting and statement / journalist Miho Nagano)

California, Los Angeles Marina.Under the blue sky of pecan, palm trees swaying To Soyosoyo, white sail yacht shines bright waves.

In a corner of such a landscape, such as heaven, brown office of unemployment insurance in the state is built quietly.In the parking lot, far from sight in heaven has been expanded.

“Unemployment insurance is I have not been paid even after 4 months.Many times even if the phone, recorded voice is just flowing, I do not lead to a man who was alive! ”

Roberto Reinoso, which specializes in maintenance industry, are you angry with the red face was tanned, but 40s.

He was working in the maintenance of the toy manufacturer, was sentenced to restructuring It was a few months ago.

Is faced with the choice to receive a severance payment of six months’ salary, or be immediately fired, if continue to work as a contract part-time, you have chosen to work part-time in the 20-hour work week out of necessity.While the quest for a job, even though had to rely on unemployment insurance out some from the state, but also send a document, no heard from four months.I came on board in the office by impatient at last.

The restructuring before, and that was in charge all day alone the maintenance of a large building of two-story.

Demand for “maintenance, I’m high in any industry now.But in a recession, even if the machine is broken somewhat, companies will continue to use is increasing.So, why work has decreased., Even though it was a child, do not eat it ‘s ”

Toward the men wearing work clothes that came out the unemployment insurance office from after him, Roberto cried.

Hey “.How was? Did you speak safely and personnel?”

Is, “What is it white registered earlier in the computer.I, I do not have a PC at home.I do not even get unemployment insurance and there is no Internet access.It is a feeling that became even in dinosaur dying without being able to evolve ”

In a related development, it was the next day that President Obama had given him spotted a large speech of “the job again in America” ​​in the United States that day.

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