It was thought of naked pink Sawa people want to “love Bana” marriage is only one person

Homare Sawa players of Nadeshiko Japan (33) on a TV show, and spoke frankly a romantic record, it has become a hot topic.There were also remarks of surprise.

When it comes to romance, Homare Sawa players always embarrassed.It, or from the joy that was decided early the London Olympics, the story is bounced.

Was broadcast on the evening of September 28, 2011 in Fuji TV did you confess cohabitation past one time and black men, it’s in “The Best House 123”.According to it, the “manly girl”, Sawa players, was every day to spend one’s time doing football and mixed boys from childhood.Himself that was thought to be the “I wish I were a boy”.

However, after the divorce of his parents, together with friends, I have the experience of opening the piercing, such as next to the navel.And, after he moved alone, it is now also wear skirts and wake up in style in earnest, did not like.And that because he is inspired by American players to have cultivated the solidarity of the team girls talk of love and fashionable.

In addition, such men seriously consider marriage also was Meguria~tsu.In black men who were the scout team of the United States to which it belongs, cohabitation was also at one time.When you return home temporarily in Japan, was a relationship to introduce men to the full Toshiko’s mother, but had parted eight years ago in the giving priority to the football.

For this story, 28 issue of July Bunshun is introduced as a man of interview.According to the article, men were invited, but first it seemed to love until you confess “to quit football, to marry you,” the player himself Sawa.

Because the men revealed the circumstances, Sawa player also seems to have felt inclined to talk.

You wanted to get married, Sawa players said on the show, “the person I am the first and last time” and.However, he that there was that there was a boyfriend besides.

On the show, “No, I’ll buy a boyfriend at all from the front” and “The Best House 123”, for males, supra, Mitsuru Toshiko’s mother, that’s the other party of “first love” said.However, players Homare Sawa, he was countered by no color.

“No, I will buy a boyfriend at all from the front” in article Bunshun, acquaintance Sawa players is revealed, “people will like that of Sawa also are full”, and also the opposite sex It seems there was also shining.In the TV program, that it was possible to win the Cup W also reason, Sawa players have said, “I feel I’m glad a woman now.”.

Was revealed September 24, 2011, asked reporters for boyfriend In the event of a movie, not now and even while, and “because it is female, you want to be determined (the goal of love)” and.The following seems to want such a man.

It’s Sawa players who became feminine, but only, in the television show, had revealed surprises.

“I such as or a date with a girl, and such as cabaret and go to …”.What they mean, I did not mention in the program.The articles in Bunshun, when Sawa players had a mask of hay fever, junior high school classmate has revealed that it has been hailed as “How do you cabaret” to catch.Perhaps there was also the only player that Sawa fight back if you are done, taking advantage of the fact that it was mistaken, and enjoy the conversation mixed men.

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